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The Big Bottle Co Reviews

My bottle of choice

Friday, September 14 2018

Just walked 2miles on a rather sunny day lol, and of course staying hydrated.

My bottle of choice is the Big Bottle Co because it tells you how much you have left to go right on the side of the bottle, and it fits a whole days intake.

I love my bottle

Thursday, September 13 2018

I love water and always have, it's part of my daily routine to ensure I drink plenty of water every day. Whether you have an active job, or work in an office it is so important to stay hydrated. MOTIVATE, HYDRATE, FEEL GREAT 👍💧

I love my bottle from The Big Bottle Co as it ensures I drink my 2.2 litres everyday!

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This is how you get your water in at work!

Thursday, September 13 2018

This is how you get your water in at work! 💦

Keeping my hydration goals in check

Thursday, September 13 2018

These 99 steps will sure make your heart race, but thanks to my Big Bottle for keeping my hydration goals in check! Awesome workout! Stay hydrated and feel the energy 💦.

So sad my trusty pink Big Bottle broke last week ☹️

Wednesday, September 12 2018

So sad my trusty pink Big Bottle broke last week ☹️ But, happy to find this pretty blue one I ordered in the mail today!

It’s great because I can easily take it with me

Wednesday, September 12 2018

I NEED MORE WATER! And I bet you do too.

Its a fairly well known fact that an average of 70% of our bodies are made up of water, but have you ever wondered where it really goes? It’s not just floating around between our bones and muscles, like I pictured it as a kid.

Water is the main “ingredient” in the make up of all of our tissues and organs, as well as every single cell in our bodies - we are made of trillions of cells! Water is required for every single function in the human body. It’s required for digestion, energy production, your heart beating and even hormone regulation.

Not having enough water in your body can mean low testosterone, constipation, poor sleep, dry skin, and the almighty headache. You name it, it needs water. Chronic dehydration can be incredibly dangerous!

We’re so lucky to live in a place where access to clean water is as simple as turning on a tap (insert water filter here). So although I do drink water daily, I know I’m not getting enough. I’ve been feeling sluggish and anxious and I needed a solution! You can use the rubber band trick where you have five rubber bands around your water bottle and you remove one each time you finish and refill or you can fill a jug each morning and finish that throughout the day.

I ordered this giant 2.2L bottle from The Big Bottle Co so I can be sure I get adequate water everyday! It’s great because I can easily take it with me on the go and seriously, it doesn’t hurt that it’s gorgeous!! It doesn’t matter how you get it in, just get it! 😂

This bottle also got endless compliments

Monday, September 10 2018

I did it!! I drank my entire days worth (2L) of water and before the end of the work day at that! 🙌


I love this bottle so much. Just carrying it around and having it with me in meetings and at my desk reminded me to chug chug chug. Plus the motivation of actually finishing it was soooo satisfying!!

This bottle also got endless compliments today and I'm pretty sure some new people will be ordering theirs too! .

Loving our new 2.2L big bottles

Sunday, September 9 2018

Absolutely loving our new 2.2L big bottles from The Big Bottle Co, they are BPA Free and help keep us hydrated!

As I’m a breastfeeding mum I need to keep my water intake up and since I’ve gotten this bottle I ensure I get my daily intake of water by just filling it up in the morning I’m set all day.

We all know how important it is for our bodies and vitality to drink water and stay hydrated, Nate & I are well equipped for summer which will be around the corner before we know it!!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Friday, September 7 2018

Back to work means busy days and running around. It means small breaks in between classes and meeting the needs of many others instead of just myself. However, that doesn’t mean that I should stop taking care of myself first.

Thankfully, this water bottle from The Big Bottle Co ensures that I stay as hydrated as I should during the workday. Not only does it hold 2L which is approx. what I try to drink during the day, but it’s a gorgeous visual that constantly reminds me to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 💦 💦 💦

It’s size and bright color means that you can’t possibly just put it on your desk and forget about it.

Now if only I had a few more minutes for bathroom breaks... 🙊

Loving my new big bottle

Wednesday, July 4 2018

Loving my new big bottle company flask! Holds a massive 2 litres! Keeping me hydrated in this heatwave .