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The real science and tools behind Blood Flow Restriction.
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If you are a BFR enthusiast like us and have seen the power of BFR in your practice to accelerate performance and recovery, we would really love to hear from you! We want to know your thoughts about how BFR training has changed your practice and if you are happy with the content we are sharing with you. Hearing more from you can help us better deliver content that is of value toward benefiting your experiences and outcomes with BFR training. Your words shape our process as educators and advocates in helping clinicians/coaches grow their practice through BFR programming, content and certification. At the end of the day, it's all about positively changing people's lives by helping them get back to what they love to do through the power of BFR training. Leave your comments below. #BFRstories #chasethepump
Get BFR Certified today!! Grow your practice by leading the change in rehab with evidence based BFR Therapy... Because it’s all about helping people get back to activities they love as quickly as possible! Become a Certified BFR Specialist today and accelerate your patients’ performance and recovery! Upcoming course information to be released for Fall 2019-2020 VERY soon! Interested in having us? Post a comment here and we’ll be sure to reach out!
Today we pause and give thanks to the many service men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us all to be free. You will never be forgotten.
What an amazing experience it was to share an unbiased evidence based approach to BFR in Europe. Through an amazing collaboration with @kinesport_official and assistance from @anmaraso13 “Awesome!” @thehpm and I (@liftersclinic ) were able to deliver an exceptional and most current BFR certification to over 100 PTs. It was a Tour de France covering 5 locations crossed by 2 planes and 3 trains that allowed us to see sweeping country sides and amazing ocean views. We are so proud of our work and are excited to launch our USA and other overseas courses. If you are looking to host us please DM me and let’s get you, your patients and business set for the future of BFR training. #bloodflowrestriction #bloodflowrestrictiontraining #bfrtraining #sportsmedicine #physicaltherapy #kinesport #athletictraining #kaatsu #occlusiontraining #sportsscience