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Happy place!! What an awesome experience teaching back on the @switchplayground in South Africa! Getting to share my life’s work with people the world over is such and honor and privilege! Then back on the main stage @switchplaygroundnyc soho last night and feeling the same love !! Helping people all over the world to be the best version of themselves is my purpose! To all those who afford me that belief I thank you ! #switchplaygroundnyc #switchplayground #fitness#fitfam#workout #steveuria
September 11! In honor of a city I now call home ! I remember watching the events unfold that day I was living in Atlanta at the time! It was surreal and far removed just like a movie really! I now know the resilience and passion of the people who live here and feel the energy of this place, a feeling that cannot be explained ,you have to live it to know it. New York City a world unto itself ,thank you for allowing my vision to be shared by your beautiful people ,I applaud your tenacity and respect your will! Never forget ! Stronger and wiser ! #neverforget #nyc#switchplaygroundnyc #switchplayground #fdny #nypd #nycems# respect
Wanted to give this Brazilian Beaughty a huge shout out for her debut show @modelsquad on E ! Also let’s get @victoriassecret show number 5!! #steveuria #switchplaygroundnyc #fitness#fitfam #workout#victoriassecret #fashion
Such a fun Saturday session with this crew ! @victoriassecret they are ready!! #switchplaygroundnyc #steveuria #victoriassecret #fashion #fitness #fitfam