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Join Swing Left and volunteer to help flip one of 84 Swing Districts across the country in 2018.

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99 years ago, the 19th Amendment was ratified by 36 states to grant women the right to vote. Of course, many American women were still prevented from casting their votes until the Civil Rights Act was signed in 1964. And we’re still fighting to be fully equal, from equal pay to protections against sexual harassment and domestic violence. Still, we honor those activists who fought so hard for this incremental right, and pledge to build up on their legacy. #19thamendment #voteblue2020 #2020startsnow #2020iscoming #swingleft #swingleft2020 #repost @history
How's your vacation going? It costs an average of $1 million a day for Trump to take a vacation, from Secret Service fees to fuel for Air Force One. And YOUR tax dollars paid for it, including at least 25 rounds of golf. The biggest recipient: Trump properties like Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where the President has been for the past 8 days. (And we haven't even seen the final tab from that visit yet.) We deserve a President who doesn't spend our money on vacation. He should get back to work. #telleveryvoter #inspirechange #voteblue2020 #2020iscoming #theresistance
Tell the world: Whether you know who you're supporting in the 2020 Democratic primary, you've got a few faves, or you're still not sure, we all know what the goal is: To beat Trump in 2020. That's what unites us. Share this post to let everyone know—we may disagree, but we're ALL going to work together in 2020. #unifyordie #2020iscoming #voteblue2020
For a dollar, name something you can do for democracy! #TBT to when @BillyEichner joined us out canvassing in New Jersey last November. Volunteers like Billy helped us flip the House, and in 2020, we’re going even bigger. Help us take our message to @SXSW next year—vote for our panel at the link in our bio. Billy will be there AND he’s gonna show up in 2020—will you? #sxsw #swingleft2020 #swingleft #2020iscoming #unifyordie #voteblue2020 #inspirechange