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Small Group Fitness Classes at SVPT Fitness and Athletics in Edmonton Alberta. Best Small Group Personal Training and Personal Trainers in Edmonton.
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Deadbugs are a great exercise to help strengthen the abs and teach a person how to resist arching their back when bringing their arms overhead. Shown above, the core activated deadbug utilizes the power of physics to progress a traditional deadbug. To perform: lie on your back with a kettlebell in one hand. Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale HARD while bringing the opposite arm and same side leg as far apart as possible, without touching the ground. The closer the bell is to the ground, the harder it is!
This video was originally taken to give Allison some visual feedback on the position of her back while she did a set of landmine T-bar rows. Upon viewing it, she made a great point – commenting on how much more controlled her technique was as comparted to many folks she sees at her local gym. Instead of using pure momentum to heave the bar up and down, she uses a much more measured tempo. This is a far more effective way to train for strength and muscle development, as the controlled pace keeps the targeted muscles under tension for longer. More tension on the muscles = greater muscle growth stimulus to the body. A great message to keep in mind for all of us in our training!
Shelly demonstrating a 2 kettlebell swing - an advanced version of a single bell swing. The demand is much greater, make sure you first master the single kettlebell swing. The movement is coming from the hips and not the knees and let the bells engage the hip swing on the deceleration phase. Use the lower body to drive the bells forward and not the arms. . . . . #trainsmart #movebetter #thesvptway #strength #strengthisforeveryone #yeggers #yegdt #yegmade #edmontonmade #iamyegfit #thesweatlifeyeg #yegpersonaltrainer #yeglocal #yegfitness #780 #edmonton #supportlocal #iamyegfit #yeg #yegfit #yegfitfam #yegbiz #shpk #yegbusiness #reallifefitness #fitnessmotivation #trainforlife
We are seeking experienced, certified personal trainers. Visit our website and send your resume. #yegfitness #yegjobs #yegbiz