Super Food LX
Accelerate and strengthen hair growth. Superfood rich hair treatments. Formulated by the UK's first NHS Nurse & Nutritionist mother daughter team.

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Big Hair Inspiration! We are planning some new products for 2020 (yep gotta plan in advance) and we would like to know what are your absolute FAVOURITE ingredients to have in your haircare? Let us know below!! ⭐️
COPPER RICH FOODS & HAIR BENEFITS Copper is a trace mineral and has multiple benefits for the mind and body. Having a balanced diet, should ensure enough copper to keep your body in sync with a few benefits including; delayed signs of ageing and improved thyroid health and metabolism. ▪️ COPPER DEFICIENCY CAN CAUSE Anemia Bone fractures Thyroid issues Osteoporosis Loss of pigmentation of hair and skin Thin weak hair strands 🏆Copper Can Boost Your Hair Health Copper is known to increase the size of the hair follicles and subsequently stop hair thinning. Additionally as copper helps in the production of melanin, it can even prevent premature greying of hair. ▪️COPPER RICH FOODS INCLUDE Almonds Avocados Mushrooms Cocoa Kale Now hopefully you can see why we have used this breakfast bowl as an example to eating a little more copper. Pair it with a nice green smoothie and your good to go! Below is how you make it yourself with all delicious credit going to @thebirdfeednyc Chocolate blueberry bliss 💙✨ 🍫RECIPE🍫 chocolate almond nice cream topped with cacao nibs, banana, blueberries, dark chocolate & creamy almond butter. ☺️ 🌱 chocolate almond nice cream: • blend 3 frozen bananas, 2 1/2 tbsp. almond butter, 3 tbsp. cacao powder, 1/8 tsp. vanilla extract & 1/4-1/2 cup plant milk (makes 2 servings or one large serving) 🌱 toppings: • coconut, banana, cacao nibs, buckwheat groats, sprouted oat vanilla chia granola, dark chocolate, blueberries & creamy creamy almond butter #smoothiebowl #vegan #blueberries #banana #chocolate #smoothie #stronghair #londonvegan #veganfoodshare #plantpowered #bestofvegan #wholefoods #govegan #feedfeed #nicecream #cleaneats #whatveganseat #copper #vegansofig #greyhair #melanin #foods4thought #vegansofinstagram #longhair #thickhair #healthyhair #smoothierecipe #foodstyling #veganrecipes #vegancommunity
One of my favourite options for easy stress free hair styles is a basic bun or ponytail. @viola_pyak is showing a beautiful example of how to take a classic pony up a notch or two! Be sure to give her a follow to stay inspired... What is your go to stress free hair style? Let us know below😇
Sharing some press we received a few weeks ago from @stylistmagazine Intelligence was one of our first products we produced at home when trying to create nutritious creamy solutions to help hair growth. It became most well know for its softening and healing properties which is as a result of the stellar combination of plant oils: apricot, shea, grape, squalane (from olives) and flaxseed. 💚Let us know what your favourite plant oils are for your hair and if there are any you would like to see in our future products! We are always open to ideas and feedback 💡