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Sunday Scaries helps me make this journey ending day much better

Tuesday, March 12 2019

Sunday Scaries helps me make this journey ending day much better. The full spectrum CBD eases my anxiety and makes Sunday’s a little less scary without using THC!

"Chill mode"

Wednesday, August 1 2018

Relaxing is incredibly difficult if you have anxiety, which can suck the joy out of your down time. 🤷🏻‍♀️I take Sunday Scaries to ease me into "chill mode" when I can't seem to stop obsessing over insignificant things.

It doesn't make me drowsy or high (no THC, just CBD which is federally legal). In fact, it gives me added mental clarity, because the chatter in the back of my head subsides.

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I love this product

Saturday, July 7 2018

After being on anxiety medication for years, I came across a more natural (and HEALTHY) approach to minimizing anxiety and stress...

These Sunday Scaries gummies are made with CBD oil and have quickly become a lifesaver 🙌🏻. I just take 1 or 2 per day and I can literally feel the anxiety fading. Not only that, these gummies don’t make me feel tired at all either! They actually give me a boost of energy that helps get me through my day :)

You don’t have to worry about TCH either, because there is ZERO THC! I love this product.

Love these gummies!

Friday, June 15 2018

Got my first monthly shipment of Sunday Scaries today. Love these gummies!

I’ve been looking for a natural way to calm down

Sunday, May 6 2018

I recently was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and with the physical changes also comes extreme anxiety and nervousness. I’ve been looking for a natural way to calm down and these gummies were made for that! What I also love is that they are gluten free, dairy free and has vitamins B12 and D3.

BEST gummies ever!

Sunday, April 22 2018

BEST gummies ever! Most of the time when l come home after a long night of working in the nightclub l tend to have a lot of anxiety & it’s hard to relax my mind and get to sleep.

Sunday Scaries have seriously helped me so much!! Even during the day when I’ve got a million things on my mind & over-think things, it really helps ease stress and just focus on what’s going on around me. They don’t make you all drowsy either which is the best part!

Has helped tremendously

Saturday, April 21 2018

Adding Sunday Scaries to my painting sessions. Anxiety ain’t no thang but a chicken wang!

Some people are still weary of weed, but taking different forms/doses has helped tremendously with those workaholic nights when my brain won’t shut off, killer headaches, and anxiety that likes to pop up outta nowhere like those L5C... (Yes both my parents are aware about my usage!)

I even have friends who have taken their elderly parents off prescription drugs and are carefully dosing with cannabis. Dose responsibly ✌🏼

Sunday Scaries has made such a difference for me.

Wednesday, February 21 2018

Im so very THANKFUL!! Sunday Scaries has made such a difference for me.

Having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome comes with so much restlessness. Night time is dreadful as I cannot fall asleep no matter how exhausted I am.

Thankfully these wonderful gummies have made the inevitable become the bearable. I wake up refreshed and clear headed. Cbd is non-psychoactive and its medicinal purposes and benefits help with more than anxiety but also has helped with the horrific pain I would face almost daily. Now I can rise and shine Literally!!!

Finally, a solution that's not xanax.

Saturday, February 17 2018

They're delicious, easy, federally legal, and POWERFUL! I'm already a customer for life; for the first time in YEARS, I feel like a normal person. 😅No more worry chatter in the back of my head, obsessive habits, or unevoked panic. Finally, a solution that's not xanax.

Allowed me to be more calm and focused

Friday, February 16 2018

Finding a healthy balance has been crucial to my success. I deal with both PTSD and the crazy reactions that result if I have the misfortune of accidental ingesting any gluten because I also have celiac disease.

The result is uncontrollable aniexty for me which takes a toll on every aspect of my life and prevents me from being and doing what I want achieve. I use cannabis medicinal to help with this.

Recently I started adding a few CBD infused gummy bears from Sunday Scaries into my diet as a supplement to help balance my endocannabinoid system and have noticed a whole world of difference in how I feel.

Since it is CBD I can take it anywhere with me and while it does it get me high, it does help with exactly what I had hoped to achieve with feeling balanced. Which in turn has allowed me to be more calm and focused and able to accomplish more of the things I want to do each day!

Plus, unlike many edibles products out there, these are gluten-free - so they are also safe for celiacs such ass me to consume!!! 3 bears per day has been the key to restoring balance for me!

Total relaxation in a bottle

Sunday, January 21 2018

These CBD gummies are all natural and contain no THC, so they don’t make you foggy or drowsy.

I usually don’t do these types of things but these gummies are total relaxation in a bottle. 🌝