Speed Fit
The Smarter Workout. Personal Training Studios. Using advanced EMS technology
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GET FIT. HAVE FUN. WIN PRIZES! . . Our 8-week challenge will start on July 27, 2019. . Invite your friends and colleagues and sign up before June 30th to get a discounted price! . . No matter what shape you’re in, Speedfit’s 8-week challenge is the perfect opportunity to get you in the best shape - and mindset! . . Call or email us to find out more! . . #SpeedfitLifestyle #EMSTraining #CorporateWellness
Working out together not only benefits your physical health, . but it also provides an opportunity to create emotional connection, benefiting both your health and your relationship! . . Why not invite your special someone to be your workout partner as well? . It’s time for you both to motivate, challenge, and encourage each other! . Try our trial session today! . . #SpeedfitLifestyle #CoupleWorkout #PerthFitness
CAN WE JUST TAKE A TIME OUT AND APPRECIATE THIS TRANSFORMATION??! 😍🔥 . 8 weeks of training with us, 8 weeks of being committed, 8 weeks of pushing beyond your limits! . . Our clients’ journey is not just about losing weight, it’s also about getting stronger and learning to prioritize their health! . Start your fitness journey with us! . Our 8-week challenge will start next month, but you can sign up before June 30 to get a discounted price! . . #SpeedfitLifestyle #8WeekChallenge #FitnessTransformation
Today marks the start of Men’s Health week! . . A week focused on raising awareness about Men’s physical and mental health! . . At Speedfit, It’s important to us that your health is treated as a priority. . That’s why we are inviting all men to try our trial session from June 10-16th and see how Speedfit can help you get the most out of your workout! . . Click the link in our bio and book your session today! . . #SpeedfitLifestyle #MensHealthWeek #PerthFitness