Sola Wood Flowers
Sola Wood Flowers is a USA company selling wood flowers, fabric flowers, paper flowers, and metal flowers. We also sell DIY wood signs and centerpiece boxes.

Sola Wood Flowers Reviews

Loving the colors

Tuesday, March 5 2019

Can you believe ALL of these flowers are made from WOOD?!

Loving the colors, and can you see those pearl accents.

I may be working on a sola wood butterfly to add to this as a surprise for the bride 😉.

I absolutely fell in love with working with these flowers

Sunday, March 3 2019

When my husband and I decided it was time to tie the knot, we didn't leave ourselves much time to actually be engaged. We got my ring January 2017, got "officially" engaged Feb 13, 2017 and we were married July 13, 2017. Yes, it was a Thursday but it was important to us to have that date because it was the 10th anniversary of our first date! How freaking romantic is that?!

Anywho ... along with a short engagement, we had a small budget. Me, loving DIY everything, went on the search for fun alternatives to real flowers. I discovered a company selling wood flower bouquets and I ordered mine, my maid of honor's, and my matron of honor's. Their bouquets arrived ok, but the one that was supposed to be mine was in terrible shape - every flower was broken!

From there, I discovered another company that sold the individual flowers, I bought and dyed a bunch, and made my first bouquet ever - my bridal bouquet. No pressure, right?!

Well it worked out perfectly. I did my bouquet as well as the centerpieces for our 3 tables - small budget = small wedding - and we had a few more loose flowers around the room.

I absolutely fell in love with working with these flowers. I've been into crafts my whole life but none really stuck. Then I found Sola flowers and I feel like I found my calling. I also love love working with couples to make their weddings as perfect as possible is also a huge perk for me and decor items are great to keep me on my toes & to fill up my time between weddings.

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