Snuggle Me
Snuggle Me the MN made sensory lounger for baby. We've been snuggling darling babes since 2007

Snuggle Me Reviews

Shoot I wanna sleep like that!

Wednesday, September 19 2018

This kid did not like to sleep flat or in the open. He only liked his swing and his lounger. But I know in the long run that wasn’t good. I ordered a Snuggle Me Organic to try it out and I think this picture says it all 😂 I think he likes if. Do they make a mommy size? Shoot I wanna sleep like that!

This design creates the feeling of resting in a set of arms

Sunday, September 16 2018

The Snuggle Me is a sensory lounger, designed to fit baby’s head and torso with their legs draped over the bottom end.

It is not a padded bassinet, nest or dock.

This design creates the feeling of resting in a set of arms and makes them feel as if they are floating while being safely hugged.

Having legs draped over the bottom end also helps to prevent them from rolling or turning within the lounger, making a safe option for baby.

Your baby will be able to fit all the way down into the lounger until around 6 months of age. Once their bottoms start to come up onto the bottom end, you can still use it by propping them up, but never prop baby and put the lounger anywhere but on the floor.

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I highly recommend it

Sunday, September 16 2018

To all my new mom friends- she’s laying in her Snuggle Me -we’ve used it since the first night she was brought home and I highly recommend it.

I absolutely wish I had bought it earlier

Saturday, September 15 2018

Our special purchase for Walter was our Snuggle Me Organic. I had always wanted one with Henry but being new parents, we had to hold off on buying some items. It’s everything I thought it’d be and more 🖤.

Walter settles so quickly when snuggled in. I absolutely wish I had bought it earlier, so Henry could have used it too.

This thing is ahhhh-mazzzzzing

Friday, September 14 2018

This thing is ahhhh-mazzzzzing because it hugs her much in the same way I do so I can transfer her easily when she falls asleep on me! Life-saver!

Legit lifesaver

Wednesday, September 12 2018

Our Snuggle Me is legit a lifesaver!! We just LOVE the new Ember colored cover too! So perfect for fall!

Loves her snuggle me

Sunday, September 9 2018

This girl loves her snuggle me for sleeping when mommy can’t cuddle her