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Happy Friday! I declare todays’ mantra to be, “But what if it turns out great?” 🦄 People living with anxiety, depression, BPD, etc can become incredibly annoyed sometimes, because our brains don’t always want to be “super thrilled” for new things or changes in our comfortable routines; This bums us out even MORE, because we wish we could just “feel like a normal person would”. HOWEVER, as people living with these struggles, we have to also take a step back and realize that the doubt is all in our minds. We can help ourselves with baby steps. Try exercising your thoughts — push towards more positive affirmations for yourself. You deserve whatever good things can and WILL happen for you. Never doubt that. ✨☀️💎 #slightlytoasty #wakeandbake #cannamoms #PTSD #mentalhealth
😍💕 I LOVE this. #PTSD is hard to learn to live with, but it’s even harder learning how to smile and enjoy things the way you’d like to. This image is by @emmnotemma 🐘✨ #slightlytoasty #survivor #ptsdawareness #ptsdsurvivor #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #thrive #growthroughwhatyougothrough 🌱
🍃💎 Today’s vibes- grateful, inspired, and caffeinated 😂✨ #slightlytoasty
💕 She’s sassy, she’s classy, and she’s a total goofball. I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today without her. My mother (who was one of the most amazing humans to have ever walked this planet) raised me with all her might, and I hope that my little crumb here will be able to say the same thing about me one day. 💐 Happy Mother’s Day. #slightlytoasty #cannamoms #besties #lovebug #mothersday #toastymama