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Skin Laundry Reviews

My skin looks great this morning after the treatment

Thursday, April 4 2019

I really recommend it. My skin looks great this morning after the treatment! Tight, but in a good way.

To help with the acne you need to go regularly which I’m debating. Also, I’m not sure if lasers and IPL light machine things really are good for us.

Very aesthetically pleasing

Saturday, March 16 2019

I got my first laser facial yesterday! It was quick enough that this little rascal could run around the waiting room while I had it done. The new Skin Laundry in Torrance was very aesthetically pleasing and overall the experience was a success.

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So perfect for a girl always on the go

Friday, March 15 2019

I stopped by Skin Laundry in Dadeland mall for a quick 15 minute facial. Their signature Laser & Light facial was so perfect for a girl always on the go. My skin looked so great afterwards, even my mom couldn’t believe it. I’m so hooked that I already booked my next couple of sessions.

My skin instantly felt tighter and brighter

Wednesday, March 13 2019

Yesterday I got a laser & light facial, with a hydration boost from Skin Laundry in Dadeland Mall. My skin instantly felt tighter and brighter. The procedure is painless and takes maybe 15 minutes!

The best facial I've ever had

Wednesday, February 27 2019

I had a signature facial done at the Dadeland Mall location and let me tell you, this is hands down the best facial I've ever had.

I'm already looking forward to the next one. The treatment is mild enough to get done every week. Also love the fact that it takes only about 15 minutes and you walk out with radiant clear skin.

The best quick boost for your skin

Tuesday, February 26 2019

The best quick boost for your skin! I love how they are fast, no need to spend hours lying down on the bed. And it does works fine. The fastest laser IPL I guess.