Simply Butterfly Bows
Handmade fabric bows inspired by simplicity.
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There is beauty in simplicity As we are attending the @theshopsmallevent this saturday certain groups of bows will be unavailable on the website over the weekend as we will be taking stock with us and wouldn't want you to order and it be sold out IMPORTANT INFORMATION From monday there will only be premade stock available. We have been looking at doing this for a while and this weekend is the perfect time to do it. A lot of our existing lines will no longer be available. We are going back to where we began Watch this space for more info
Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves These little tiny human beings who have so much to experience, to learn, to explore in this big wide wonder of a world we live in. The best bit, we get to do it with them Paloma @palomaandthepea exploring as only Paloma does, with a bow in her hair.
Siblings Our two may not be siblings but they certainly act like it. I'm currently laying in bed, I got up hours ago, sorted the boys out, and they were playing nicely so I got back into bed. Big mistake. The routine of school is so desperately needed, especially with a little one that can't cope with change. Actually as much as I love them, the lazy mornings, unplanned carefree days, I'm also craving that routine, the days they spend apart and then enjoy each other unconditionally rather than the holiday bickering Anybody else with me?
Guess what? . . Everything is fine when there is sunshine I can't believe it. The sun made an appearance today, all day, and glorious blue skies to go with it. Don't you feel better when the sun shines. Florence definitely does, just look at that face @little_florence_lily