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Ends Today⏳15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS🔥RESULTS IN 1 WEEK! I recommend the fiber bundle for beginners OR the 28 day SlimTea! _ 15% OFF storewide Code “1515” Order on _ We also carry SlimTea for MEN👨🏾👨🏻👨🏼‍🦰 We ship International✈️#GetSlimDetoxTea
#TFMtip Visit my FREE health blog for more tips - Instead of buying already packaged frozen fruits which have been known to be pumped with processed sugars AND hidden chemicals. Buy them FRESH, wash, peel, put in a freezer safe container or ZipLock bag and put them in the freezer yourself. It takes less than 10 minutes to do this. Plus, FRESH is always better and inexpensive. If it's slightly higher in price we're talking 25-45 cents more for chemical & preservative free FRESHNESS! Call me crazy but the small investment is worth it. The choice is yours tho. Mine is to keep it as clean as possible in my health & fitness journey by all means necessary. I take my health serious🍇🍌🍓🍉 😋 - #TFMlifestyle Add them in all your #5DaySmoothieSlimdown shakes and add a tablespoon of #getslimfibercleanse for added vitamins and deliciousnes👅
Platanos Fritos🍌🍌 (plantains sorta I used bananas instead) NOT DEEP FRIED! You may also use regular plantains - platanos/maduros Also you may sub a spray for coconut oil, avocado oil or grape seed oil. Those are the healthiest oils to use for cooking. I bought some organic bananas and realized they were about to go bad so I made this dish. You can also bake it but I prefer it this way as it tastes close to the original fried recipe. This is one of my favorite recipes from my country #ElSalvador 🇸🇻 I had to learn how to make it the healthy way because I LOVE PLATANOS😍 . These are super easy to make. You can either bake or make them in a non stick pan with cooking spray. Baking takes a little longer but still delicious. Bake for about 20-30 minutes at 300• . .____________ It's really important you use a non stick pan, that's how you'll be able to achieve the "non fried" taste. On a non stick frying pan, spray a little cooking spray or coat it with a tiny bit of coconut oil. Then add the plantains and cook until golden. _____________ It's sooooo easy to make and delicious👅💦 Sometimes I will add a little cinnamon to them. But beware that bananas usually cook into a softer texture so be gentle or they'll break. Visit my health blog for more awesome recipes💕
REMINDER❤️Drink your SlimTea before bed or in the morning. . • 🌸Hashtag your tea photos with #GetSlimDetoxTea So I can comment your pics and guide you! . • 🍵Get RESULTS IN 1 WEEK!! Helps break plateaus. Order on