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πŸ’₯ TAG SOMEONE who would benefit from this. Click the link in β€”> @rauvesuave bio to get started today! - REASON # 1 – Muscle is more dense than fat. A good fitness program should not be just about losing weight but rather about a complete body transformation. Weight loss is a form of transformation but a true body transformation is an exchange of body fat to lean muscle mass. Changing your body composition from increased body fat/decreased muscle mass to decreased body fat/increased muscle mass you will cause your body to burn more calories. Muscles require fuel so when you eat, your muscles burn those calories which means less fat is stored. - REASON # 2 - Fat tissue has no real form or shape. Fat tissue is loose and has different shapes while muscle is tighter and more compact. If you lose five pounds of fat but gain five pounds of muscle the number on your scales will not move but you will have made progress in that your body is firmer and more sculpted. - REASON # 3 – A picture tells a better story. Before you start a fitness program put on a bikini so that you can really see your body. Remember that these pictures are only for you but you want to be able to see the fine areas that you won’t be able to see if you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Take a picture from the front, one from the side and one from the back. After a couple of weeks on your program take these same pictures again. While the scales may not have moved you should be able to look at your before and after pictures and see the positive changes that you are creating in your body. When you take new pictures be sure to put those before and after pictures side by side and be proud of the hard work that you have put into your body transformation. - REASON # 4 – Your weight fluctuates. If you weigh daily it will be very difficult to accurately track your weight because your weight fluctuates based on numerous factors (ie.. what you ate, water retention, menstrual cycle, etc..). Only weigh once a week. Weigh the same day of the week and always track your fasted weight. Your fasted weight is what you weigh when you first wake up before you eat or drink anything and before you exercise.
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