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So let me give you double for your trouble 😁. 👑 When I first met these Queens they were being celebrated with a surprise ambush for their business. Their energy was so amazing that I couldn't help but join in the fun and offer my services to them as well. I had no idea that this one engagement and a simple click of the follow button on IG would be so transformative in my life. ❤ There IG page offers Love, Happiness, inspiration and Determination. It is also how I learned about companies like @buyfromablackwoman and Queens like @drkeyhallmon. These people and post have impacted my business and energy on days when the stress of entrepreneurship was winning. ❤ Like Wendy Williams would say, these women are totally my friends in my head 🤣. That's how they make most people feel. Now consider that this is all being poured into the pastries they make 🍰. Energy is transferable so to enjoy one of their cookies or cakes is to receive love, positive vibes, hope, encouragement and so much more! 👑 The @twodoughgirls are Two DOPE QUEENS. Celebrate them, support them, follow them and prepare to receive it all back. That's just who they are. Keep up the GREAT work! #womencrushingitwednesday #sheprintsit #wcw
Yesterday I enjoyed a Business Shower. YES that's right a BUSINESS SHOWER...and more importantly @HERbusinessshower. ❤ Women have always celebrated each other, this isn't new. When we have a baby, get married or get a promotion at work we party like it's 1999🍾😁. Somehow that same excitement and celebratory energy doesn't carry over when #SHE starts a new business. 🙋🏿‍♀️ Women spent 18 TRILLION dollars in 2018 and we are over 80% of the consumer market. But sadly we have the lowest start up capital and employ only 9% of the work force. That doesn't make sense right⁉️ ❤ We have the POWER to change the lives of women and the next generation of SheEOs. We have the power to change the narrative. We have the POWER...we just have to use it. ❤ Shares, likes, follows, repost, etc are all great but we also need to put our money were our mouth🤑 and heart 😍 is. @herbusinessshower has Kits to get you started on showering your sister and is partnering with them for branded 🎁gift ideas. Purchase her some business cards, logo swag, t-shirts, office supplies or just a give her some cash💸💰. Everything counts and can change the future for her business. ❤ #TylerPerry said "Peoples lives are tied into your Dreams. Own your stuff." Know that supporting her dreams is empowering a community, a culture and the next generation. Do your part. We are here to help. We are greater together. I am my sisters keeper. S H E P R I N T S I T 8447775900 x1 . . . #mysisterskeeper #sheprintsit #branding
Sunday Celebration‼ We LOVE Birthdays and even more then birthdays we LOVE❤ BIRTHDAY PICS📸❣ Happy Golden Birthday to this young Queen. Thank you for supporting and sharing @supanovamerl S H E P R I N T S I T 844775900 x1 . . . . #sheprintsit #birthdaygirl #goldenbirthday #womeninbusiness #womanownedbusiness #SquadGoals #minoritybusines #She #sheEO #GirlBoss #mompreneur #empoweringwomen #GirlPower #birthdayturnup #blackbloggers #atlanta #chicago #melanin #customtshirts #repost #sisterhood #queenssupportqueens
One day a few weeks ago I came around a short video about the importance of black female mentors. @shaniciaboswell was sharing the amazing information, guidance and action items she has received from the mentors in her life. 👑 I always say God knows your needs before you do and at that exact moment I needed to hear this video. I needed to know that certain things were possible. That I am worthy of all that I desire. That there is a village out there for all of us, we just have to keep pushing and connect with our tribe. 👑 This 1 minute video put so much life back into me so I had to celebrate this Queen. Thank you @shaniciaboswell for moving in your power and gifts. Thank you for empowering other Queens to live in their truth and gifts unapologetically. Thank you for inspiring. Thank you for simply being you Queen 👑. We are greater together‼ #womencrushingitwednesday #wcw #QueensSupportQueens #mompreneur #womeninbusiness #mompreneur #sheprintsit #SPI #spiinatl #empoweringwomen #inspiringwomen