She Moves Mountains
She Moves Mountains is a rock climbing guide service that aims to empower women through educational rock climbing clinics
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For too long, laws and norms have made women believe that we are inferior; that we need someone to take care of us; that we don’t belong on our own in the mountains. A woman surviving alone in nature completely shatters that narrative. As women, we are capable of hauling heavy packs, building a home under the stars and surviving in the wild. This independence and strength cultivated does not dissipate once we return back to our normal lives. It lingers and transforms us into confident humans, capable of challenging the status quo and all of the limitations that society has put on us. Join us this summer for one of our backpacking clinics and learn the basic skills to get outside under the stars on your own.
“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy.'” — Sylvia Plath You do not need any backpacking experience to attend our Intro to Backpacking clinic. Thanks to our sponsors at @thenorthface we set you up with all of the essentials - backpack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad. With help from our instructors, you’ll learn the skills for a successful backpacking trip. Join us in Washington for our first Intro to Backpacking Clinic of the season. Only 3 spots remaining! July 20th - 21st, $295, all camping and backpacking gear provided. For more information or to sign up head to our website. Link in bio! 📷:@torylesh
My name is Tory. The majority of my life I did not engage with nature. Growing up in New Jersey as the daughter of an immigrant and single mother it wasn’t something that me or people I surrounded myself with aspired to do. I moved to Washington at the age of 23 and experienced real mountains for the first time. I remember looking out the window on my flight into Seattle, seeing Mount Rainier and feeling an instant connection. I barely knew anything about backpacking, but I knew I wanted to figure it out. I had no mentors or friends to usher me into it so I researched for hours. I enrolled in a few classes, but they were all in a classroom. I didn’t need to be told that I had to pack a water filter, I needed to learn how to actually use a water filter. I wish there had been an easier way to figure it all out. And so I designed two and three day backpacking programs with the intention of creating a safe space to ask all of the questions that feel ridiculous and to share all of the knowledge that I have learned along the way. For more information on our backpacking clinics check out the link in our bio.
What goes up must come down! ⠀ ⠀ Tossing the rope to rappel of off Rope de Dope at Smith Rock State Park during our Anchors and Rappelling Clinic. We have two clinics a month for the rest of summer, one in Washington and one in Oregon. Come climb with us! 📸: @jessielyse