Shakti Mats
Handmade Organic Acupressure Mat. Supports relaxation&recovery. Empowering women in India Learn more
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Did you know that morning foot massage supports a natural energy boost? 🌞 The benefits of 10 minutes of acupressure massage on The Shakti Mat include: β € 🌡 Healthy circulation: supports blood circulation around the body and 'getting things moving'. Naturally flushing out toxins. β € 🌡 Stress relief: massaging the feet helps to wind down after a difficult day. β € 🌡 Well-being and balance: massage helps to relax tense muscles, encouraging deep sleep and leaving you with rejuvenated energy to bring to your day. β € πŸ’‘ Tip for newbies: If you find foot massage on The Shakti Mat a bit prickly, wear socks until your body gets used to acupressure massage. 🧦 β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € πŸ‘‰ combine with your morning stretch session to really set your body up for the day! 🌞🌞 β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € #shaktimat #acupressuremat #organic
Shakti mornings 🌞🌡 #repost from @ethicalmadeeasy - β€œThis spiked mat has easily become a core part of my everyday. I’ve always had really bad posture, but over the last year it’s become more and more noticeable and the pain less easy to endure. After a yoga class a few months ago, there were some of these acupressure mats available for use so I gave it a go and loved it. When I went home to try and find an organic, plant dyed and ethically made alternative I struggled big time. Turns out there’s more of these mats than I thought, but the one I found and absolutely love is @shaktimats. They are a kiwi based company, and all of their mats are made ethically in India from organic cotton. When I further enquired about their use of plastic on their spikes, I fell in love with their reasoning.β€œ πŸ’šπŸ’š . . #shaktimat #happinessinabag #ShaktiWishlist #handmade #ethicalshopping #organiccotton #organiclifestyle #beinspired #celebratehealth #organicgifts #acupressure #acupressuremat #ShaktiSelfCare
Looks scary... Feels great... kind of like a scalp massager πŸ˜†. Thank you for the #shaktireview Sarah! 🧑 🍍🍍 . . #spikydelight #deeptissue #relaxation #acupressuremat
A self-care routine is an essential part of our daily lives. Take care of yourself with your Shakti Mat without using any effort πŸ‘ŒπŸŒŸ β € How? Easily: β € βœ… 20 min. Back massage to soothe tension, stress and promote relaxation. πŸ’†β€β™€οΈMassage supports sleep quality, so you wake up rested and energized. β € βœ… 5 min. Foot massage while preparing breakfast to support circulation and boost energy. ⚑️ It's better than a morning coffee. β˜•οΈ β € βœ… 15 min. Lumbar area massage while at work to relieve discomfort and target problem areas. πŸ’ͺ You can also use it while watching tv, it's that easy! ✨ β € βœ… 15 min. Legs and hips massage to restore muscles post-exercise an promote general vitality β˜€οΈ β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € Regular use of wellness tools such as The Shakti Mat can help to ease the body into a relaxed state. When the body is relaxed, the mind soon follows. Adopt The Shakti Mat as a regular self-care habit for a positive influence on overall quality of living. πŸ’―πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ πŸ“Έ @aimremedial . . #shaktimat #ShaktiSelfCare #acupressure #acupressuremat #naturalremedy #getonthemat #hurtssogood #deepsleep #endorphins #healthhacks #celebratehealth #morningroutines #timeforyou #organiclifestyle #dailymindfulness #takecare #holisticlife #recovery