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Book Sleeves sewn & stitched happily.
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Long time, no see! 😊 In the past few days I have sewn 8 sleeves from 3 fabrics. (I still have 25 fabrics to sew through. 🤦🏼‍♀️) If that seems like a low number to you it’s because it is. 😂 . . I have been working as hard as I can to get my shop reopened ASAP. I love sewing the pockets and I’m anxious to share them with you. . . But I’m frustrated with my progress. I know I should be gentler with myself and give myself a break. But I’m struggling with our new schedule and my own expectations of the situation. . . A wise friend said to me that since I’m sewing my sleeves in advance, I’m losing that personal connection to them. I LOVED knowing where the sleeve was going and who it was going to. I LOVED thinking about the buyer and what books were going in the sleeve. I fed off of infusing my sleeves with joy while creating them. . . The same friend reminded me that I will still immerse the sleeves with love and positivity after they are purchased and I know who the buyers are, and while I’m packaging them up. . . Anyway, I am still here and I try to pop on IG! If you can, please send productive vibes into the universe for me! . . #booksleeve #booksleeves #booksleevewithpocket #booksleevepocket #pockets #handmade #handmadewithlove #laboroflove #maker #makersgonnamake #sewer #sewerofinstagram #sewistsofinstagram #sewist #sewing #crafty #creative #bookstagram #etsy
Today is such a fun day! 😊 . . Not only are there a couple of friends birthdays (I’m looking at you @awesomest_jim & @bookartbookmarks ) but it’s my kids last day of school! . . Because they got amazing grades and have made great choices throughout the year, the husband and I decided they are ready for their own Betta fish! (They’ve been asking for over a year 😂) . . Our son and daughter will each get their own fish and tanks, and they are responsible for taking care of it. . . I have zero experience with Bettas but if you do, give me some tips in the comments!! . . Thank you to the fierce @jessicamap for this photo of your sleeves! 🖤 I’m so lucky to have Jessica as one of my reps, and her followers get a discount code to my shop. . . #booksleeve #booksleeves #booksleevewithpocket #booksleevewithpockets #coffee #lastdayofschool #letthesummerbegin #bettafish #betta #help #newbie #neverownedafish #imscared #momlife #mompreneur #summervacation #summer
I started reading The Last by Hanna Anderson but at several chapters in...I’m just not in the right mood for that kind of book. So I picked up American Gods by Neil Gaiman and yeah. Loving it! . . My two kids played outside while I got some good reading in this afternoon. . . Do you prefer to read indoors or outdoors? . . PS- a big thanks to all of you for being patient while my shop is temporarily closed. I’m enjoying this little break while I make some changes in my sleeves and listings! 😊 . . #booksleeve #green #buffaloplaid #reading #americangods #neilgaiman #etsy #shopsmall #handmade #handmadewithlove #playoutside #livingmybestlife #paperback #authorspreferredtext #fantasy
“There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.” - Irving Stone . . I love this quote, but the bonds I formed with all the lovely people this weekend was due to our mutual love of reading, regardless of genre. The passion for stories was always reciprocated and I valued every single conversation I had. . . What can I say about BookCon? It’s tough to put into words how fulfilling this weekend was. . . Meeting Margaux and her husband for the first time was simply wonderful. I was honored to help them at their booth and to spread the love of her amazing @bookartbookmarks . I miss them already! . . Meeting and chatting with so many bookstagrammers was just a dream! @scaredstraightreads @candice_reads @therealkaricave @planningdeadmom @myweekisbookedblog @brebooks_ @katebookgrl @bambi_reads_books @libraryofthenight . . Not to mention these amazing small business owners that I adore! @warrentales @thelavenderwhim @blackwing @northavecandles @teaandabsinthe . . If I had the pleasure of talking to you and missed you in my tags, please say hi in the comments! I would love to give everyone a follow and keep the happy times going!! . . #bookcon #bookcon2019 #bookexpo #bea #bookexpo2019 #fortheloveofbooks #fortheloveofreading #booksloversunite #spreadthelove #readersofinstagram #bokkstagram #bookstagramfam #sewhappystitchhappy #bookartbookmarks #booksleeve #ilovebooks #nyc #newyorkcity #makersgonnamake