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A shop of Handcrafted products made in the USA by Americans with disabilities to help YOU live a natural lifestyle.
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Introducing the Serena Yellow agate Druzy. Just one available. This is a stone I came across many mo this ago and finally found the perfect combination to put it together. . 3 amazonite beads. . Large 33x43mm yellow agate. . Decorative chain. . Agate Stone is in the quartz family so it is known as a healing stone. Agate is also the stone for grounding and protection. The yellow color gives it the added benefit of supporting willpower, concentration, memory. This necklace is also paired with 3 natural color amazonite stones. Amazonite can support calmness and alignment with one's true purpose. The alder wood tag can be used as an essential oil diffuser to add your own signature scents or to further add intention to this necklace.
Thanks for @under.the.myrtle.tree for this amazing post...👇 When I was 4 years old my father passed away from cancer. To say that shifted the trajectory of my life was an understatement. It brought so many hard years, such a huge gap in my life, and so many moments and memories that for so long I felt robbed of. I remember as I grew up, all I ever wanted was to be a mama, to have a family, and to change the course of life for my kiddos-to give them all the love that I had missed. So when I started researching these essential oils that we now use, I began to realize that cancer didn’t have to have it’s hold on me. That even though I had already walked through multiple bouts of it myself, I also had the power of choice to not let products into my home or onto my kids that could potentially cause a fate for them that I could 95% control. Yes, I said it. About 95% of cancer is caused from environmental factors. Only 5% is hereditary, and that’s straight from the ACS. That doesn’t mean I’m claiming that these oils I’m using will cure it or that they will heal every disease known to man and make life perfect every single day. So what did oils do for me? They taught me how to check ingredients. They educated me on the power of natural remedies. And they showed me that I can choose not just essential oils, but TRULY clean and safe lifestyle products from Young Living that I won’t ever have to second guess- and that I know will bless my family. Uuugh, friends, that peace of mind is EVERYthing. If you don’t have it, or you’re not tapping into all the possibilities, please hear my heart for you. It’s a way you can literally give the biggest blessing to your family. So summer is here. We’ll be using SO many products with ingredients that could be questionable. Stop for a moment and ask is that really the better way? Or could you swap out some of your most used items for what Young Living can provide for something safer? We’re educating because we care, but also to EMPOWER. You mean so much to us-and so does your beautiful family. . . . #aromazone #naturalhealing #youngliving #younglivingoils #younglivingessentialoils #younglivingessentialoil
In the shop! Only 2 available! . Clear tumbled quartz paired with real sandalwood beads and a wooden essential oil diffusing tag make this a stunningly beautiful and power necklace. Clear quartz is a stone for amplifying energy and intention.  It is thought to be the most powerful stone to support health and healing due to to it's hight vibration. It is the stone to wear if you want to increase your frequency and live a more intentional and positive life. Sandalwood helps to promote calm balanced feeling. The alder wood tag on this necklace allows you to further amply your intentions, or just smell lovely, with essential oils. Just add one drop essential oil to the tag for 24 hour diffusion. Link in bio: Jewelry from the earth to feed the soul.
🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 5 star review Rebecca: Love my Prana Sandalwood! Always love my stuff from Sewgrown! This bracelet is no exception. It "wears" my essential oils wonderfully, wears beautifully on my wrist too! Hand-crafted well and highly recommend! See This Product Here 😍 👉👉 link in bio . . . . . . #supportthemakers #shopsmall #ncmaker #ncmade #smallbusiness #handmade #etsy #estyshop #handmadebyme #handmadecrafts #handmadeclothing #makers #handmadecollege #handmadeart #madeinusa🇺🇸 #handmadejewelry #handmadeearrings