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MAYAN Blue Genuine - Found on temple walls, sculpture, pottery and even painted on subjects for human sacrifice. The exact method of how Mayan Blue was traditionally made has been debated amongst scientists for years. However all agree on the existence of two elements, a plant-based material (Indigo dye) and an inorganic material (clay mineral), which were bonded together over a heat source. Also present in the structure of Mayan Blue is the pigment yellow, which was likely formed during the oxidation of the indigo plant as it was heated, giving it its greenish tone. By changing variables in heat, the Mayans were able to adjust the greenish tone and create various distinct blues. Mayan Blue has a strong vibrant colouring, but what is most impressive is its permanence. Hundreds of years and exposure to the elements has left the pigment virtually unchanged. It resists temperatures of up to 250°C, exposures to strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents. None of which are recommended on your watercolour paintings! @danielsmithartistsmaterials #seniorartsupplies #watercolour #pigment #maya #watercolourpaint
Colour of the Gods. This month we will be looking at temple walls and to the bottom of sacrificial wells learning about the Mayan relationship to colour, their pigment making process and how Daniel Smith has used these methods to create the Mayan watercolour range. @danielsmithartistsmaterials #seniorartsupplies#watercolour #pigment #maya #watercolourpaint #neefAustralia #painting #watercolor #art #mayanart
After much deliberation on all your beautiful entries, we have chosen a winner for the Daniel Smith Ultimate Mixing Set. @brushstrokesandstitches that's you! Contact us via insta direct message so we can get your prize out to you asap. Happy painting everyone, and thanks for sharing your art with us. #art #painting #danielsmithwatercolor #watercolour #watercolor #artist #seniorartsupplies #neefaustralia #artsupplies @danielsmithproducts
With 20% off Daniel Smith watercolours all month it can be hard to choose what to buy... So why not get one of these great sample dot charts and try some out first? With the choice of either 66 (including amazing shimmers, primateks and quin colours) or 238 colours (almost the full range) they are perfect for creating your colour shopping list. 🎨🎨🎨 #art #seniorartsupplies #painting #watercolour #danielsmith #neefAustralia #iridescent #australianart #artsupplies #watercolor @danielsmithproducts