Savage Fish Suds
Savagely colorful and sudsy bath products.

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Oh my cod! Check out this epic haul from @bathin_mermaid ! Thank you so much for sharing your haul and I hope you enjoy everything! :3 She has several hauls posted on her feed so make sure you go and check them all out! • • • • • Haul Days #repost
Hai there! It's Savvy from Savage Fish Suds! I don't know if I have ever introduced myself but this wonderful shout out from @uniquecommodities is a great way to start! I so appreciate makers supporting makers and sharing the positive and welcoming nature that really got me excited that be a part of this community! Thank you all for your support and it's nice to meet you :3 and as always, SCIENCE! Lol • • • • • SATURDAY SHOUT OUT!!! Say hello to @savagefishsuds aka Savanna! She lives in a little town called Rohrersville which is in Maryland and works as a Telecommunications Support Manager. @savagefishsuds started sharing her product creating journey in July of 2018 but she has been researching and creating bath products for about a year. In fact she just opened her shop in January of this year! WOOT WOOT! She loves learning about what different ingredients do and how they react to one another and combining science and crafting with art to turn ideas into actual products! YES - we welcome another mad scientist LOL!!! Savanna just bought a house last year with her boyfriend in the small town she loves. They adopted their Pitbull Bones in October and he's an awesome addition to the Savage Fish Suds Team! Go check out @savagefishsuds She has taken the bath industry by storm and is a total sweetheart!!
I have a jelly soap recipe that works and I have been testing heat settings and cook time. I'm also getting used to using the thermal thermometer. Turns out, the blue cooled off way fast and by the time the white batch got added, it just couldn't set together. It did somewhat on the logo tryout so that was cool! How fast it heats up and to what temperature also affects the wiggliness! . . . . . . These are scented in shortcake, blueberry muffins and cranberry!
Oh my cod! Taylor captured some beautiful photos of Kraken's Gaze! This photo is just mesmerizing to me 💙 Thank you so much! This is one of my favorites as well and I'm so pumped you enjoyed it! •. •. •. •. •. Go check out the original post to see all of the beautiful pictures! #Repost @taybabe1300 • • • • • Still shots! -Wow a @savagefishsuds never disappoints but honestly? This one has got to be my favorite I’ve tried so far! So sparkly and pretty to watch!! Absolutely amazing smelling and I just love 🐙🐙🐙 they’re my fav animals!!! Thank u so much boo!! Go check them out if u haven’t! #savagefishsuds #kracken #octopus #krackensgaze #eye #bath #bathbomb #bathart #shopindie #indie #smallbusiness #etsy #shopsmall