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Mother's day is coming...What a Mother is to me... Since I was born she would wake up when I was crying and then feel exhausted the next day. She made me meals and read me stories. She comforted me when I was afraid of monsters and held my hand to cross the street. She adorned me with presents and said I love you. She is my superhero in disquise. And even though she embarasses me like the time she bought me valentines day underwear with hearts on them and waved them at a soccer game in college, I still love her dearly. She takes care of me even today as if I were still a child and I tell her I can take care of it myself but am happy she cares. Moms will love their kids until death and oh how I cant do enough to show her I love her. I thought that getting her to pray at meals with me was challenging enough but now we pray every day and we are closer still. I am no longer embarassed or need to hide my faith for she sees it has made me a better man. Show your mom you care with a subscription of one of our boxes. Sign up for a subscription or order a one time box from our shop Boxes will be shipped on the 26th of April
I spotted this man on the side of the road carrying a cross. So inspiring
Lent is still under way and we will be looking into the passion of our Lord. Here is a spectacular view of the place where Jesus prayed and a church in the mount of Olives. Now let us reflect upon Jesus' passion: It was in this ancient garden in Jerusalem that was filled with olive trees, which some were a thousand years old, where Jesus began praying in that hour. He brought the same three that witnessed the Transfiguration, Peter James and John, to a spot away from the rest and he asked them to stay awake and pray with him. It was here where all of them came often to pray. But tonight would be the night before Jesus’ great trial. The disciples, exhausted from all the activities and with heavy eye lids, began to fall asleep. Jesus awoke them and warned them not to fall into temptation but they were too weak and soon fell back asleep. Jesus turned to His Father in heaven and asked to be delivered from this cup of wrath that He was about to drink but He submitted to His will. Jesus looked at one of the trees before Him and then to the horizon (This reflection comes from my new book He Hung on the tree available for purchase. Here is a link to purchase for only $2.49 (Also check out glimmer tours if you want to go to the holy land) #God #jesus #worship #Godisgood #love #hope #Faith #stable #glimmertours #Tours #Catholic #holyland #bestvacations #borntosave #tabernacle #eucharist #bible #Catholicism #Catholictrips #christianity #love #Christian #mountofolives #passionofchrist #takethiscup #jesusinthegarden
This work of art is hand made. It is of St. Michael the Archangel and since next month we are featuring him in our Saint of the month boxes we will be having a sale for these for only $8 plus shipping. Use promo code MICHAEL. If you are a subscribing member of Saint of the Month please DM me for an even better deal and we will ship them in your next box (which is Saint Michael) Here is the link to order #stmichael #saintmichael