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Body positive hula hooping badasses.
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29 weeks 2 days pregnant bitches!!!! 😱🤰 If there was ever a time to be as real as possible, now’s it. Our world is a terrible, beautiful place. The only solace I find is pure authenticity. I’m gonna share my journey with y’all - MY journey - and for some it will resonate and connect our souls like lightning. For others it will strike the wrong chord and ring sour. Saw that on a post I made earlier this week. Thing is, I can’t live your life. Only you can do that. So instead of getting offended by the shit I say, go say your own shit to the people who wanna hear from you! I’m sure there are plenty who need your voice.🙏🏻😘 🔥🎧🎼 This song is fire af tho ain’t it?? It’s called Problems by Omerta featuring my husband @b.reddthecomposer - go to his IGTV to hear the whole thing!!!
Body positivity is for men too!!! Check out @biglexhooper of #TeamRuby holding it down for the #dudesthathoop!!! He says: “Greetings from Missouri. Daily reminder to soak up some sun because summer is not over. Embrace your body and let the good times flow” #rubyfam #ihoopforme #curvyhoopersunite #flowmiesofearth #bodypositivity #effyourbeautystandards
🦄 I can’t stop watching this adorable video of my bestie and Ruby sister @rinneymoyna !!!! She is 14 weeks pregnant, yes that’s right we are taking over the world one little rubae at a time!! Featuring her Rainbow Sectional Travel hoop from!! Get you one!!! ⭐️ To hear the music on this video go over to her profile!! Love you sis!! #rubyfam #ihoopforme #curvyhoopersunite #pregnanthooper #plussizepregnancy #flowmiesofearth #girlswhohoop
I think the hardest part for me with body positivity is when you see somebody on here who is like a size 12 with like zero cellulite or fat rolls preaching to the masses about learning to love your imperfect body and I just wanna be like please try having arms so flabby that they smack you in the face when you’re dancing in Zumba class (my arms are actually not like this anymore to due brachioplasty in 2014), or having a fat roll so big around your middle that it looks like you’re wearing a pool float under your shirt. Like to me your no fat roll havin ass don’t know shit about my life. But then I remember, for all I know this person was raised by some crazy ass parent who made them feel their size 12 was outrageous, hideous, unworthy. Everybody is fighting their own battle with self image. For me the best solution is not necessarily to embrace everything about how I look but to stop being so vain as to give that much of a fuck at all in the first place. This is my body, for better or worse and I appreciate it immensely for so many reasons. For allowing me to spin this hula hoop, to hug my loved ones, to share intimate moments with my husband, to walk and dance and stretch and drive every damn where, to create this 28 week old life currently inside my womb. Thank you body 🙏🏻 #rubyfam #bodypositive #ihoopforme #curvyhoopersunite #plussizepregnancy #effyourbeautystandards