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Credit to: @heather___nikole ・・・ OKAY SUPER VULNERABLE POST 😬. So I’ve always been pretty active my entire life and I’ve always tried to make decent food choices. But the month of Dec 2018 I fell into a black hole of TREAT YO’SELF and couldn’t get out. Hated the way I looked and saw all of the great results people at @momentumfitnessobx were getting from @rpstrength. Turns out it matters what we put into our bodies WHO KNEW 😂. These 12 weeks I’ve learned so much...like don’t attempt FL3 while you’re trying to sell and move out of your house, it’s not a good time for you or anyone around you 🤣. Also that the scale plays mind games for REAL. Don’t let that thing define you. It moved low and sloowwww for me and I’m still super happy with these results. Gunna hang on maintenance for a while and see where things go next! @rpdrmike, you’ve got this down to a science, literally. 💪🏼 . . . top/bottom left Jan 2019 - 131.7 top/bottom right April 2019 - 126.1 @rp_transformations #rpstrength #rptransformation #beforeandafter #rplifestyle #diet #nutrition
Credit to: @ambelance ・・・ My very first cut with @rpstrength is done! Went from 157lb to 148 in 3 months and lost countless inches and never once felt like my workout performance suffered. I'm at my smallest in probably about 6 or 7 years, and I'm really looking forward to a summer where I don't have stomach rolls touching. I'm heading into maintenance feeling good and happy cause I realized my next cut won't be until after my birthday 😂 Shout out to @cynthialeu her posts are what introduced me to rp. #renaissanceperiodization #fattofit @rp_transformations #rpstrength #rplifestyle #diet #nutrition #consistencyiskey #healthylifestyle
Credit to: @coryvegeto ・・・ Almost two months into @rpstrength and loving these results. I slip up from time to time, weight and appearance fluctuate, but seeing this makes it easy to stick to the program. #rpstrength #rptransformation #renaissanceperiodization #nutrition #rplifestyle
Credit to: @the_kelli_lemons ・・・ I WAS WRONG. I had given up on the possibility of me ever looking like this. “It’s just not anything I can achieve and that’s fine.” Thank you @chuck.nora for pushing me to commit to doing RP. 12 weeks later and I’m down over 13 pounds and I can’t believe I look like this!! I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. @rpstrength @rp_transformations #rp #12weeks #fatloss #abs #transformation #rpstrength #flex #weightloss #fitness #rpstrength #rplifestyle