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Our 300k celebration sale was extended through tonight due to some website technical difficulties last night. Use code 300k to save on any RP templates or ebooks through tonight at the link in our bio! 💪 # Credit to: @k_macmom I’ll put down the fitness posts after this one but I finished my first @rpstrength cut and Im super proud of myself for sticking to it til the end. This is 3 months apart. Eating makes a world of difference on how you look and feel. @rp_transformations #eatcleantraindirty #rpstrength #rplifestyle #rptransformation
Credit to: @jackie585 ・・・ Alright, yesterday marked the end of my “3 month cut” with @rpstrength . I put it in quotations because an unexpected trip came up and kind of threw me off. In no way was I perfect and if you are around me, you know how true that is. 😆 I did the best I could through some travel and a move. Starting weight- 143.4 May 21 End weight- 136 I see these templates as principles to follow and guidelines but I think it’s up to you to make it work for your lifestyle. Timing isn’t perfect sometimes, meal choices aren’t either but if you get the main principles of the diet, you can make it work for you. I can only imagine how much better results would have been if I was 100 percent on but that wasn’t the case. Pic on the left I had just returned from a month long military trip. Eating at airports, chow halls, not working out a ton and just feeling gross. I knew something had to change and I knew it would take an uncomfortable commitment. I saw a no travel window in my schedule so I went for it. The time might not always be perfect nor your situation but trying and not being perfect is better than not trying at all and eating like an 🍑hole. #rpstrength #dietlfe #projectunfluff thanks to @trifectasystem for being there when I needed them because I had nothing prepped 😆
Credit to: @noahsnyder ・・・ Thanks @rpstrength @rp_transformations my Surf Trunks are crazy loose, I need some new ones. So a lot has happened in 12 weeks...Gut, Hair, BMI, Weight, and a couple muscles. I began RP on May 8, 2018 and I have just finished up today...August 8, 2018. Here’s the facts. It work...it’s hard work, but I feel great!! BMI in 3 months I went from 10.5% body fat to 7% I started at 184lbs and now I am at 170lbs. I have to thank everyone that supported me through this, answered questions, and @momentumfitnessobx @momentumjiujitsuobx, and @farmdogsurfschool for my many training options. I did them all, and I was probably 90 to 95 % Compliant to the templates. Maintenance here I come. #rpstrength #rplifestyle #diet #nutrition
Last night to save 20% on any RP template or ebook! Use code "300k" at the link in our bio! # Credit to: @jaxx093 ・・・ PROGRESS UPDATE! Left: 145lbs Right: 139lbs. A big shoutout to @rpstrength! I couldn’t be happier with how things are coming together. This is the first time I am following a nutrition program and I am loving the results! Not just my image but I love how my body is recovering faster. My energy levels at practice and work are so much higher. 4 weeks down and a lifetime to go! 💪🏼❤️ #fitwomen #rpstrength #rptransformation #cleaneating #polevault #goals #strongwomen #calisthenics #nutrition #absaremadeinthekitchen #fitgradstudent #gradschoollife