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Super proud of this meal- Every part of it was grown and/ or harvested by our family. So fulfilling to be teaching our children how to put food on the table and see how impactful it is to them. I remember growing up digging for potatoes in my dads garden, cooking with my mom and picking berries for jam, harvesting zucchini and tomatoes with my grandma for her amazing chili... these memories instilled in me my love of food and passion for cooking. I hope these lessons and memories stick with my kids forever 🌱🖤🌱#homesteading #backtotheland #venison #potatoes #collardgreens #gardening #growyourownfood #selfsufficientliving #gardeningwithkids #cookingwithkids #realfood #wildfood #meatandpotatoes #thegoodlife
First pie of the season 🍁 . . . #pumpkinpie #warmingspices #homesteadlife #autumn #bakingwithkids #seasonalfood#cookingwiththeseasons #madefromscratch #pumpkinpieishealthy #eatyoursquash
Same great product-new name! We have dropped the term #gypsy from our #kombucha #flowertoner because it is a racial slur and it was brought to my attention enough times to know a change had to be made.... . . As a privileged woman of color I really connect to this. I connect to it because I too have been called racial slurs, I too have been stereo typed and profiled and treated differently because of my skin color and darker features. However, I recognize the privileged life I’ve led and I have never had to face the oppression that many minorities face. I’m privileged enough to have my own business and I will use that as a voice and platform for the people who do not have one. I will not profit off a whole people’s oppression and I am grateful for the people who educated me on this. . . There was a couple people who aimed to alienated me instead of educating me in this experience ...Which made me mad. It made me defensive, I was annoyed. I felt the need to justify why I was using the term. If I’ve learned anything from these trying times it’s to stop and listen. Listen to why someone’s feelings are hurt, why a whole group of oppressed people cringe when they hear it. What is their story? Apologize and LISTEN. No need to get defensive or spout justifications on why you are not a horrible person. This isn’t actually about you. Right now is the time to listen, apologize and be a part of change ✨ . . . #gypsyisaslur #consciousbusiness #racism #breakthecycle #socialjustice #empowerment #bethechange #endracism
We live in Takelma tribe territory. They called this area of southern Oregon “Takubeh” which means “beautiful place” and that it is. Giving thanks to those who came before us and paying deep respects ✊🏾Repost @ziibiing