Delicious, nutritious, organic, tasty, healthy, perfect. Rickaroons combine coconut, almond butter, and dark chocolate chips into perfection 24/7. Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic, and 100% delicious.
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🏖🛢💙 Quick reminder that if you use a public space (ie. currently reside on this planet), you gotta care for it! That means cleaning up after yourself and OTHERS when you’re at the beach. We’re lucky to live in San Diego year around, but this means we see the massive amount of trash left behind during peak tourist seasons. We’ve grown up using these beaches as our playground and pay our “beach tax” by throwing some trash away every visit. THIS SATURDAY we’re partnering with @rig2reefexplorers to clean up Law Street beach and make it easy for YOU to pay your beach tax. 🌊 • Law street Beach • 8am - 10am • Free Rickaroons • Bring a reusable bag to collect trash with • Dogs allowed on the beach until 9am! If you enjoy the warm sand on your toes, toss that cigarette butt next to you in the trash. If you play in the salty waves, take that balloon out of the ocean and TRASH it. If you love dolphins and baby turtles, how about only using reef safe sunscreens in the ocean so the whole world under the sea can stay relatively toxin free. 🤷🏽‍♀️ There are tons of ways to pay your #beachtax and if you want to pay together, we’ll see you on Saturday! #rickarooning #snackoutside
We’re going to the beach! 🏖 And we’re gonna clean up while we’re at it. 😉 Join us THIS Saturday from 8am-10am at the foot of Law Street Beach. We’ll be there with our friends @rig2reefexplorers, Rickaroon samples and puppies! Dogs are allowed on the beach before 9am so bring your pups, family, friends, successful first date, debatably successful first date... anyone you want to spend a morning on the beach with.😊 See you then! #rickarooning #snackoutside
SAN DIEGO! Join us NEXT Saturday 8/24/19 for a beach clean up! We’re partnering with @rig2reefexplorers to clean up our home beach or what we call “paying the beach tax.” 😎🏖🛢 We’ll be under the canopy with the ‘roons and pups. 😉 Let us know if you want to join! We’ll bring a few reusable bags to collect the trash with but we encourage you to bring your own PLUS any gardening gloves you have to keep your hands safe. We need the ocean more than it needs us so let’s treat it well! And feel free to practice this weekend for the clean up... You’ll find us stuffing our bathing suits with trash floating past us out there.🙈 #rickarooning #snackoutside
Have you used your Costco membership to stock up on ‘roons yet?? We’re in Vista all week and head to Costco San Marcos on Monday! Pro tip: bring the Mocha on your next camping trip and enjoy breakfast from your sleeping bag. 😎☕️🥥🍪💙 #rickarooning #snackoutside