THE BEST BAGS FOR THE PLANET. High design handcrafted in Los Angeles 100% salvaged materials zero waste. Design for a better future.

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Starting to feel a bit like ❄️. @consciouslychloe has travelled the world with her Airbag Backpack. She inspires us in many ways. In her words: “I have never had a bag before that receives as many compliments as this one! Not only does it carry everything I need for the work + gym, but it also accompanies me on all my travels. So far it has come to Colorado, Utah, and Spain with me. A perfect size, durable, eco-friendly, and fashionable. I couldn't be happier. I should carry business cards as I always get asked by strangers how they can purchase this wonderful bag.” We ❤️ you Chloe! • • • • • #travelbag #bestbags #backpack #earthfriendly #sustainablefashion #rewilder #rewildyourself
Check out @kameachayne ‘s podcast Green Dreamer. We love her take on fashion + sustainability. She ❤️’s us too! Here’s her review of our zero waste backpack: “It literally checks all the boxes.. zero waste, saves trash from landfills, super durable, and STUNNING! In love. Definitely a company to get behind and a bag to proudly wear!” Thanks Kamea :) • • • • • @consciousfashion #zerowaste #backpack #gooutside #earthfriendly #bestbags #sustainablefashion
@tremanadiamond says: “❤️ ❤️ ❤️ my rewilder bag! I take it everwhere and fits all that I need!” • • • • • #zerowaste #earthfriendly #travel #backpack #madeinla #madeinamerica
Swinging into the weekend....the textured fabric has the original markings from its first life as high performance airbag fabric. Rad. • • • • • #shopyourvalues #upcycle #upcycled #bestbags #rewilder #earthfriendly #backpack #madeinamerica #sustainablefashion