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I feel like a flat lay with flowers in the pockets is about as on-trend as chevron, popcorn ceilings, or hanging a “live, laugh, love” sign hanging in your family room. Lucky for all of us, I’m not in the home decor biz 😂 So, TA DAAA! The cutest little in-seam pockets, on our Marigold Stripe Twirl. I can’t decide if I like these pockets or the big square pockets better. What do you prefer? #revelthreads
“My body wants more sleep but my pockets need more fruit snacks.” - My 3 year old, at 5:45 this morning. Hey, at least it was better than yesterday morning when my 4 year old woke me up to the sound of her pounding on the piano downstairs. 😂 Marlee is wearing one of the linen dresses we will be restocking this fall 💙 Just can’t beat those big square pockets! (Except at 5:45am. 😴) #revelthreads #revelinit
“It’s been a long week.” - Me, in the middle of Monday 😂 I think my kids know when I’m extra tired because that’s the day they choose to turn to one another and say “hold my juice box” and then do something entirely stupid, like see how many steps on the stairs they can jump over by placing obstacles in the way...or finger paint on my freshly painted wall with toothpaste. My personal favorite is the game of “how much chicken can I pack into my cheeks and NOT swallow before gagging and trying to spit it all into Mom’s hand.” 🙄 The good news is, everyone is in bed now, which will give me plenty of time to go in their rooms and stare at them lovingly while they sleep (and then hit the floor and pray for invisibility as soon as they start to move 😂). #pleaseletthemstayasleep #ilovethemextrawhentheyresleeping #revelthreads #revelinit
You guys, I swear it was Friday like five minutes ago. I’m not emotionally prepared for tomorrow to be Monday. Fortunately...this beautiful capture by @chelsea.laree is giving me liiiffeeeeee and I’m hoping it will give you life too! If you are an AZ local, go follow @chelsea.laree because she is pretty amazing ☺️ Happy Sunday Night, friends! #imalreadytiredtomorrow #revelthreads #revelinit