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Join us at Tiger Beach in November and have the privilege of @jim_abernethy introducing you to his very special friends 🐯🦈 Get to know sharks on a personal level and see their true nature first hand. It will be a weekend you’ll never forget 😍 November 9-12 DM for more details! #Repost @jim_abernethy ・・・ Silvia Earle makes a few comments about my relationship with Emma, the 15 ft Tiger Shark that I have had the pleasure of a very special friendship with for almost two decades! During this time using affection I have removed 4 hooks from Emma without taking her our of the water or restraining her! Join me at Tiger Beach soon to spend time with this incredible gentle giant! Video by @spaceshark23 George Schellenger from the film This is Your Ocean: Sharks-2 @jim_abernethy @sea_legacy #TurningTheTide #beautiful #savethesharks #ilovesharks #FinBanNOW #finfree #love tigershark #emmathetiger #sharklove #Bethechangetheworldneeds
All sizes of our white long sleeve paradise tee are back in stock πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Show the beauty behind the jaws πŸ¦ˆπŸ’™ Link to our website is in our bio! #respectthefin πŸ“Έ: @csnayynayy
Only 5 spots left for our Tiger Beach trip! Join us alongside award winning photographer, film-maker, author, and conservationist @jim_abernethy for an adventure of a lifetime! πŸ¦ˆπŸ™ŒπŸΌTiger Beach is located in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas, and is known for its incredible shark diving (specifically tiger shark encounters!!!!!) This 2 day 3 night trip is definitely something you will want to cross off your bucket list. Dates: November 9-12 Shoot us a DM for more info! #saveoursharks #tigerbeach #respectthefin #Repost @jim_abernethy ・・・ Mitch Nevins @nevinsmitch heads back to the boat after a 5 tiger shark dive, but takes time to enjoy the sharky view! @jim_abernethy @sea_legacy #TurningTheTide #savethesharks #ilovesharks #FinBanNOW #finfree #beautiful #shark #sharkexpeditions #epic #love #bethevoice #Bethechangetheworldneeds #stopneedlessslaughter
This can be your view!! 😍 Join us alongside @jim_abernethy for a live-aboard experience to one of the most famous dive locations in the world- Tiger Beach!! This 2 day 3 night expedition kicks off on November 9th. and returns on the 12th. Enjoy practically unlimited diving with a frenzy of tiger, lemon, and reef sharks!! 🦈🦈🦈 Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! Spots are limited! Direct message us for more details πŸ’™ #Repost @jim_abernethy ・・・ The view from beneath our Shark Expedition Vessel Shear Water is extremely Sharky! I'm so incredibly grateful to be operating in the Bahamas because they had the foresight to protect the sharks which are quite simply worth much much more alive than dead! To be more precise sharks bring in 120 million per year in tourism to the Bahamas every single year! Join me to support this fabulous country that is protecting its sharks...protecting shark tourism income. In Florida despite shark tourism bringing in 377 million yearly, our state kills 1.5 million sharks per year and doesn't embrace this highly productive natural resource like our neighbors! Six different species of sharks have died in Florida due to Red Tide so far! Please sign and share the petition in my bio to help stop the fuel that is feeding our Red Tide fire! Big Thanks to all that already have! @Jim_Abernethy @sea_legacy #TurningTheTide #savethesharks #ilovesharks #FinBanNOW #finfree #beautiful #shark #sharkexpeditions #Bethechangetheworldneeds