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Best of luck Mateo. From @fairytrails: No perfect people. No perfect dogs. Just perfect fits ❤️ . Having a handicapped dog for the past two months showed me what is really important when having a dog by your side. Dogs are friends and part of the family, they are loyal companions no matter how imperfect you are. A perfect human doesn’t exist and neither does a perfect dog. There are just perfect fits. And that isn't impacted by a missing paw. Of course I know that not everybody is able to have a handicapped dog and so Mateo had almost no requests compared to other fosters, even though he is the loveliest and most well behaving dog I've ever seen... I admit that I was scared of this adventure at first as well, but I can promise you that they are just normal dogs with a lot of love to give and with a huge will to live. Looking at him should not make you feel sorry for him, Mateo loves life and he doesn't even know that he is different from other dogs and the other dogs don't see it as well. I love every single foster we've ever had with all my heart, but Mateo is extra special, he fought his way through life and straight into my heart. With tears of sorrow and joy I can finally tell you that he will move into his new home next Monday ❤️ #handicappedpets #handicapable #rescuedogsrock . advertisement: shirt by @rescuestrongco
Last couple days to pre-order a V-Neck! Available in multiple designs and colors. From @tullymegan20: Puppies & Yoga ✌🏼🐶 @communitycanineproject @hoteladeline #yoga #pool #outdoor #puppies #dogs #zen #scottsdale #hoteladeline #sarah #pitbull #adopt #rescue #events #fundraiser #arizona #love
Thanks to all who posted and shared their #actsofrescue last month. I definitely want to keep it going, just not sure what it will be yet. But the winners of the $250 cards to the shop are @jolenedivine and @amazingmuttspuppyrescue! Thanks again to all for posting!
Version 2 Thanks for all the feedback.