Reclaim Teas
Small batch organic and wild-crafted tea blends made using tea formulations from the best selling book Medical Medium by Anthony William.

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*REMINDER* 👇 STORAGE TIPS! 👇  Here's our version of a #fridgegoals shot, only it's our #teacupboard instead.  One question we get from folks is, "How long will my teas last?" and the answer is, "It depends!" We package our teas in lined paper bags that do not have a reseal strip simply because we're not selling you teas to keep on your shelf for a year or more!  We want you to DRINK IT NOW! ☕️ All herbs, no matter how they are stored, are best when used ASAP and our teas are most effective at healing and detoxing your body when enjoyed daily.  So, if you are on a healing journey and pumped about boosting your healing with teas, you'll be drinking them daily. In this case, feel free to keep them in the original packaging we've sent. And if you need to have them in your face to remember to use them, by all means leave them out on the counter.  BUT...if you'll be holding onto them for more than 30 days, you'll want to take some other measures to be sure they are at their best when you're ready to use them.  Step 1👉 Keep them in a dark, cool place. Sunlight and heat will degrade the herbs faster. You can still keep them in their bags this way and you'll get a bit more time with them.  Step 2 👉 As soon as they arrive, transfer them into air tight glass jars AND keep them in a cool, dark place. This will keep them away from the elements and they will stay fresher longer (up to a year). * We like to cut the labels off the bags and put them into the jars so we don't forget which is which. *After a year, the herbs will have lost a good bit of their magic. They'll probably be browning a bit and will have lost some of their flavor and aroma. At this point, they make great herbal baths, facial steams, compost, and even beautiful mulch for potted plants.  Show us your #teacupboard and share your #storagetips too! Link to order your tea is in our bio ❤️
❤️SHARE THE LOVE SALE❤️ Buy one get one 50% off of the same tea!  Limit 5 per order, sale ends 2/18/19❤️ We all know someone who could use some healing love. Buy one tea for yourself and one for that someone in your life. Spread it around and share the love!!! Link to order is in our bio. No code necessary. ❤️