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Headed back to Mandalay today to visit one more temple and then off to VIETNAM tomorrow!!! Who’s been to Vietnam and what was your favorite part? . PS did you miss my ultimate hashtag training that I hosted a few weeks ago?? If so, I turned it into a blog post that you can check out via the link in my bio or head to and let me know what you think! I cover everything from the 2018 algorithm updates to the shadowban to everything in between ✌🏽 . . . #femaleentrepreneurs #womenwhohustle #beingboss #mompreneurlife #societygal #sayyestosuccess #hersuccess #ladypreneur #solopreneur #digitalnomad #womeninbiz #buildinganempire #beyourownboss #wahm #communityovercompetition #collaborationovercompetition #momboss #calledtobecreative #workfromanywhere #sahm #onlinecourses #creativehappylife #girlboss #rebellenutrition #shadowban #hashtags #algorithm
I’ve been having a mental struggle lately when it comes to how I share about the success of my business, without coming off like an asshole. On one hand, i’m proud of what i’ve accomplished and want to use my own story to inspire other naturally non-techy entrepreneurs that they can do it, too. And on the other hand, I don’t want to come off as braggy. . Then I received an e-mail from @xoamandafrances the other day with this quote (isn’t it amazing how the universe always gives us exactly what we need at the right time?!) and it was like the heavens opened up 🤣 🙌🏽 . I can’t control how other people react to what I say and share, but I CAN control the purpose and intention behind what I say. I try to share as honestly as possible about what goes on behind the scenes of my business so that every other person who is in debt, discouraged, and doesn’t know what the hell they want to do with their lives is inspired that they too can make a change and live an epic life. . Remember: It’s not OUR problem to worry if someone else is triggered by our success - that is out of our control. It IS however, up to us to share in an authentic way, with the intention to inspire and empower. . Now, having said that - I know you guys are all up to some epic sh*t these days and I want to hear all about your successes so tell me below 👇🏽🖖🏽🖖🏽!!!!!
We MUST build a relationship with our potential customers before expecting them to pay us. This is something I personally value and prioritize for my business because not only do I love doing it, it freaking WORKS. . So often we wonder WHERE our customers are, WHY they aren't engaging with us or opening our emails, and WHY they aren't buying our product/service/coaching etc...before we've even made the first move to create a relationship in the first place. . NO ONE is going to invest in your services (especially online) unless they feel like they know you, trust you, and like you. Period, end of story. (Sending your money to a stranger on the internet still feels risky to most people😂) . So I am challenging all of us (myself included) next time we are wondering why we're not hitting our growth, engagement, views or financial goals, to ask ourselves: How are WE making the first move? How are WE initiating that connection and trust with our audience? How are WE showing them that we care about their needs, and actually provide them with a valuable solution before we ever ask them for ANYTHING? <<< this is how "lifers" are made (lifers: people who are super engaged with your content and invest in everything you create) . And remember, it's not your audiences job to find you. You have to be SO GOOD that they can't help but be intrigued by your work. . What do you think? What is your method for creating that trust + connection with your audience? . . . femaleentrepreneurs #womenwhohustle #beingboss #mompreneurlife #societygal #sayyestosuccess #hersuccess #ladypreneur #solopreneur #digitalnomad #womeninbiz #buildinganempire #beyourownboss #wahm #communityovercompetition #collaborationovercompetition #momboss #calledtobecreative #workfromanywhere #sahm #onlinecourses #creativehappylife #girlboss #theimperfectboss #mindsetiseverything #personaldevelopment #bosslady #manifesting #bagan
Myanmar is magic. Who knew that a third-world country that is mostly known (by westerners) for being dangerous, would be my favorite stop so far in Southeast Asia 🕌 . Today @chasingchills and I rode bikes through the pagodas (there are literally HUNDREDS of them) and a local woman rubbed thanaka (a natural sunblock made from trees) on my face. . If you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia I would definitely recommend checking out Bagan - it is inexpensive, fun to explore during the day with INCREDIBLE sunsets, great food, friendly people, and it actually cools down at night (if you’re a weather-Goldilocks like I am and care about that). Just don’t try to bring your drone in 😂 . . . #temples #onlinebusiness #travelcambodia #cambodiatravel #oldbagan #southeastasia #digitalnomad #nutritionbusiness #ntp #manifest #livingmybestlife #travelforwork #vegantravelfood #veganeats #vegantravel #mandalay #bagan #myanmar #myanmar🇲🇲 #workfromwherever #myanmartrip #thailandgram #travelvlogger