Rebecca Page
Pattern designer + happy mum + fashion fan Love my family hubby friends & sewing machine.
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#sneakpeek #disneyoutfits for day 1 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ These are hacks on the Paris Day Dress in knit (sizes 3-4 and 5-6). I used the standard plain skirt and made up various extra bits. I've also got a matching-ish t-shirt and shorts for Mr 7 years (his sisters love to match but he's not a fan of full matchy-matchiness). #disneylandparis #sewdisney #disneysewing
Figuring out outfits for our first Disney trip today!! I’ve made the kidlets some incredible adorable (very Disney!) outfits. But still trying to figure out what I want to wear. After aiming for so long to have a wardrobe of handmade, I’ve got rather a lot of choice 🤣🙈👚👗 . Anyway.... #disneytips anyone? I’ve read a ton of blog posts and got us some neckbands to keep passes in plus wrist bands for the kids and comfy shoes for us all! Any other tips for a Disney newbie? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #firsttriptodisney #disneylandparis #homemadewardrobe #sewing
I’ve been struggling a bit recently with finding that balance between doing what I love (sewing!) and the fact sewing is also my job/business/passion. * Before i started pattern designing, I used to finish my day job, and then I’d sew. Now that sewing IS part of my day job, I finish “work” for the day, then I’m stay sat at my sewing machine finishing a dress for me or something for the kids. Except to finish it, I also need to write up a tutorial or photograph it. Then my evening quiet time morphs into work/hobby/job/fun & I don’t really know if I’m working or relaxing anymore. I think both? But can you really do both at once? * Stopping & spending time with the kids, having a date night or painting our hallway (my goodness it needed a new coat of paint!) is a clear, easy thing cause I’m not at my sewing machine. But it’s the time I used to spend doing my hobby where I’m now just kind of working still. Is that work? * I love it!! So so so much. But there’s got to be a balance somewhere right? Between the working from home, my passion & joy being my work, my hobby being my work and also having chilled relax time? I’m not sure whether I’ve got it balanced yet. I’ve thought about getting a different hobby so I could put my machine away & do something else. But there’s nothing jumping out (& frankly I’m not sure I want a new hobby.... sewing rocks 🙌😍). * Anyone else work from home or do their hobby as their job? Any words of wisdom?! xoxo
Paddling pools and grazed knees #summerinaphoto #thestuffchildhoodismadeof