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As I head back home from Nashville from our weekend at the @re_fabbed Christmas in July event, I am just overwhelmed with every feeling under the sun (along with MAJOR exhaustion 😂😂)! Until you have been there, it’s hard to even understand fully- but these events are so much more than crafting. When you leave, your cup is filled with so much more...and THAT is why I love doing them! Each and every lady who comes, each and every connection that is made, each and every smile that I see- it’s all such a blessing.
Such an AMAZING time at our Christmas in July event with these women! The help at these events are always sooooo special, and this is no exception! They make it all so amazing for everyone- and none of this could be done without them! AND BRANDON of course!
Can I tell you how awkward it feels to be wrapping Christmas presents in July?!? Awkward but AMAZING! I love Christmas soooo much, and I am SO STINKIN’ EXCITED about my Christmas in July event in Nashville this weekend! We limited to 80 women so we could maintain a good, intimate environment- and we have ladies coming from well over 20 STATES! PINCH ME bc this cannot be real life!
This right here is the man who I couldn’t live without. He has supported me and this business since it was only just a dream. He held my hand as I left my secure, good job to go out on faith into the unknown to pursue my business and most of all, being a stay at home mom. Then, as that grew and grew- he was there by my side to help me navigate the waters of trying to learn how to be the best mom and wife I could be and also how to keep growing a business that was actually a TRUE, money making business! He was there for me when I felt so overwhelmed by all there all there was and when I wondered if I was truly cut out to handle putting myself out there like I was. He took vacation time to be there for every one of my live events...and people saw him in his true element of serving those women and being my biggest supporter. Now. We head into our THIRD live event this week (Christmas in July), and here he is again...sweating his butt off and working hard to make sure we have all we need! He has a heart for Re-Fabbed and for our boutique...and for all of you. It’s not just me. Sure, I’m the face of it all- but he is the backbone... I am PROUD that he now works at home WITH me, to keep making it better and better ❤️