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💚💚 @indiancurlyyyywavyyyy ・・・ #myteenroutine 2b - 2c - 3a wavy/ curly Low porosity and high density hair Yesterday's wash day line up 🌹Prepoo with a mixture of @righteousrootsoils Rx oil, #coldpressedextravirgincoconutoil and @soulflowerindia essential oils lavender oil + rosemary oil + tea tree oil 🌹Shampoo - @traderjoes Tea tree shampoo 🌹DC - @raw_kyn Green rawkyn ( kept it on with @manetain_india heat cap for 15 mins) 🌹Conditioner- @thebodyshopindia Banana conditioner 🌹Leave-in - @onlycurlslondon creme 🌹Gel - @onlycurlslondon gel 🌹Oil - @righteousrootsoils Rx oil to seal the ends and a little layering on the lengths as well. 🌹Left it to air dry. 🌹She slept in her @beausilkin satin bonnet It was a 💣 wash day. Gave my daughter beautiful spirals and loose curls (just the way she likes them). Her hair were super moisturized and frizz free after air drying. This was her third time using Green @raw_kyn . I will give a detailed review soon. This was the first time my daughter used any kind of hair stylers , so it is too soon to give my feedback on @onlycurlslondon creme and gel. But shall review for sure after a little more usage. I chose @onlycurlslondon after a lot of positive reviews from several of my fellow curlies. 🍀 Green @raw_kyn & @righteousrootsoils Rx oil available at @naturallyyounme 🍀 @soulflowerindia #essentialoils available on their website 🍀 @manetain_india heat caps available on their website and also at @naturallyyounme #rawkyn #rawkynsquad #greenrawkyn
I’ve shared this video before but I had to do it again ❤️❤️ Morning message ✅ #rawkyn #rawkynsquad
I cannot wait to add MIDNIGHT and ROYALE Rawkyn to this mix ✅✅ Can you guess what kind of products they are? #rawkyn #rawkynsquad
So bomb! We love your results 😍😍 ・・・ @bosscurl 🎶 BOSSCURL’S BACK ALRIGHT! 🎶 if you grew up in the 90s you know the tune that’s rocking in my head right now (with a minor alteration lol). I did a #prepoo with @righteousrootsoils ::: when I got home I did a scalp massage #scalpmassageeveryday with some more and I did a scalp scrub with my @raw_kyn gold. 🧡🦇 I rinsed that and deep conditioned with #rawkyn vanilla with my @thermalhaircare hothead for 15 minutes. and my hair feels great and it’s definitely thanking me. I took extra good care of my skin too 😉😉 pack ficabeauty wash - scrub/exfoliate - thayersnatural toner - Pacifica lotion - oil (my fav has been @amour.360 🤩🤯❤️)- cold press. 🎶🎶 . . I hope you all have a beautiful day. Smile and laugh a lot! XX Sam . . . . . . . #curlygirlmethod #curly #curls #cachos #rawkynsquad #loveyourcurls #loveyourself #itsjusthair #curlspoppin #waves #wavyhair #wetpinecone #itsnotfrizzimglowing #frizzisin #cocktailofcurls #naturallycurly #naturalcurls #curlyhair #curlygirl #dryplop#curlycommunity#wavcurly#curlywavy#wavesarenotfailedcurls#powertothewavies #righteousrootsoils