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🤗🤗🤗 @sojazzaye ・・・ Deep Conditioning Curls with @Raw_kyn & Styling with @BounceCurl -Deep Condition with Rawkyn for 15 min under a heat (Bonnet Dryer) then rinse -Section hair and apply Bounce Curl light Cream Gel Twirling a few curls to get more definition -Scrunch hair with Bounce Curl Gel -Blow dryer [email protected] -Collapsible Hair Diffuser by @TheCurlyCo -Blow dry scalp on cool temp -Fluff curls with Hair Pick -Hair Pick from @shaiamiel The Curl Doctor -Scrunch dime size Gel and we are done➰ -To see full video watch on my YouTube channel link in the bio : : #sojazzaye #rawkyn #vanillarawkyn
Thank you! 🧡🧡🤗 @curly.dentist ・・・ Gold Rawkyn Review This is my first impression about this product, and as always @raw_kyn never disappoints! It has delivers what it claims to. 💆🏻‍♀️ I applied it on my dry hair, only in the scalp,took a small amount and massaged each section well. After finishing application on the entire scalp,I massaged well for 5 minutes and left it for 10 minutes and rinsed with warm water. I did not use a shampoo and applied vanilla rawkyn after that, will review it in sometime. ❣️Results - I loved the smell. It left my scalp absolutely clean, all flaking and product build up gone, itching was gone. And after 4 days, my scalp still feels clean and theres no itching at all! I have noticed considerably less frizz in my crown area too. I feel this is a must have product. I got mine from @honestproductshere #rawkyn #goldrawkyn
Has your hair lost its lovely luster? Products you use and the daily grind can rob your hair of moisture and shine over time. If you find you hair is dull and dry, a deep conditioning treatment can repair damage and smooth the hair While conditioning is what you do after you shampoo your hair to keep it manageable, deep conditioning is a treatment that repairs your hair from root to tip and gives it strength by providing it with much-needed nourishment to bring out that extra bounce and shine. It replenishes your hair’s lost moisture, leaving it silky and strong. Go in for a deep conditioning treatment twice a month or weekly depending on the condition on your hair #rawkyn #redrawkyn #goldrawkyn #vanillarawkyn
@all.about.curls ・・・ Gloomy day= Shitty lighting 😑 (Please increase your screen brightness) . Wash day deets👇 🌸Prepoo: Aloe vera juice mixed with coconut oil 🌸 Shampoo: @officialbuywow Wow skin science anti dandruff shampoo. 🌸DC: @raw_kyn Red Rawkyn mask, kept for 20 mins #fingercoiled 🌸 @cantubeauty curl activator, @asiamnaturally leave-in and @giovanni gel to style 🌸 Plopped for 20 mins and diffused 🌸 SOTC with @righteousrootsoils . #curlyhairgal #curlyhairblogger #indiancurls #curlywavy #curlsforthegirls #teamcurly #naturalcurls #indiancurlyhairblog #indianblogger #allaboutcurls #rawkyn #redrawkyn