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A Little Magic Soap Shop. Handmade small batch with love.
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I’ve been DYING to make some AWESOME gift boxes. So, the universe spoke to me and now I’d like to offer a special gift with every purchase while supplies last! For each purchase, you’ll get a white hair band to help keep your hair out of your face while you wash, an eye mask for sleep or tension relief, and a lil colorful loofah! These soaps are not listed on my website, so get this while supplies last! A.) Tree Hugger - cedarwood and for needle with crushed walnut. Great for camping, or a nature ritual being close and one with the trees. (All Natural and biodegradable) B.) Dragons Hide - dragon’s blood and leather mix together for this manly charcoal soap. C.) JINN - Patchouli and Ginger. This powerfully spicy soap with hints of orange and geranium is THE PERFECT soap for meditation preparation and/or cleansing rituals. A little scrubbing power comes from madder root. (All Natural and biodegradable) D.) Malta Man - Mediterranean Fig. This soap is exotically seductive and masculine. It’s a delicious cologne and great for envisioning and setting intentions to travel. E.) The Last Unicorn - no added scent. If you like a good clean but are sensitive to fragrance, this one was made with you in mind! It’s color comes from the skin softening Kaolin Clay and it’s topped with a blend of wildflowers. This soap is perfect for cleansing bad juju to start a new. Fresh. F.) PHOENIX - Balsam Peru and Valencia Orange. This soap is PERFECT for your new birth affirmations and intention setting. Perform a cleansing ritual with this baby and feel fresh, reborn, and rise anew. All bars are $8.99 and shipping is FREE in the US 🖤 *can be combined with other items from my shop, DM me for details 🖤
This weekend was a complete doozy. A total transformational whammy. You know the instances you look back at your life and you’re like, holy sh. I’ve changed. . Well that happened in a weekend. . “How is that possible?” you ask. I’ll tell you. There’s nothing more powerful and transformative than when you dig deep and bring out your true authentic self. Be REAL with YOURSELF. For yourself. I guarantee, MAGIC happens. . When I allowed myself to be totally truthful, I saw myself standing there in all my Freaky and woo-woo glory. But I was afraid of what other people might think. I was afraid of disappointing my family, my church, and not being seen by my husband. But I did it anyway. Because the cost of staying hidden was more than the freedom I knew I’d feel once I spoke my truth. 🦋 . I stood out in the shadow of the fear and stepped into the light. When I did that, I sighed a huge sigh of relief. I allowed myself to be seen. And when I did, more things were presented to me through the universe. 🌌 🤲🏻 (ps did you know Soap Making is Ancient Magic? I’m sure you knew in your bones 😉) . I found that I’m a lightworker. 🌟 A creator. And that’s how creativity works into all of this. . Do you feel called, pulled for something greater? Like you’re meant for a higher purpose? Are you intrigued by woo-woo but are afraid to explore because of fear? Are you an empath? When you look at the stars to you feel connected to something you can’t explain? Are you meta-curious? Do you feel like magic when you create? Do you feel aligned and in tune with source when you tap into your skills and strengths? Do you have this nagging relentless feeling in your subconscious that you are meant to bring people together and unify? . If this resonates with you at all, then we are kindred souls. We are family. And I would love to SEE you soul sisters in my FB group! The only FB group dedicated to your spiritual awakening while exploring the metaphysical realm. I’ve created a container large enough for all of us, and I invite you to join me and others like you 🖤Link in bio! . ✨you know you saw this for a reason ✨
🎉20% OFF ENTIRE STORE🎉 I need to make room for Father’s Day merch, summer treats, camping essentials, and more! So please, take this as a token of my appreciation 🖤 my customers are THE BEST and you deserve this cyber Monday deal! Don’t forget, FREE shipping in the continental US! 🇺🇸 Happy shopping! 🛒
This is the night I signed up with my first coach ever. I felt relieved, excited, nervous, and above all proud. I signed up because I knew, in my core, THIS is going to get me where I need to be. THIS is where I decided to go ALL IN. THIS is where I decided that my mental health would take top priority. THIS is when I set all my best intentions and knew without a shadow of a doubt, my self-worth. THIS is when I faced fear and stepped on to the other side. I looked up at the sky that night and it seemed closer. BIGGER. A weight was lifted. A veil was shifted. I began to awaken. We all need a little help now and again. Especially creatively. There are so many hurdles to jump, blocks to dissolve, projects to prioritize, confusion as to where to start. Reaching out for help is one of the hardest parts of being human, because our society has made that seem like a weakness. BUT when you do, I can tell you, that’s pure strength and the beginning of your self awareness. Beautiful magic happens when you know your self-worth. The creative life is a hard one. Especially if you’re a mom. My hand is outstretched for you, when you’re ready.