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Our Ayurvedic Skincare is 100% natural, organic, edible, non - toxic, paraben & sulphate free • Hand made in Australia

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— Celebrating World Sleep Day — Ayurveda says that our day actually starts when we went to sleep the night before; meaning the quality of our day, is reflected in the state of mind or energy with which we went to sleep in. Sleep by Ayurveda is prescribed according to your dosha and life cycle. With Kapha needing the least sleep, & pregnant women, children or those convalescing needing extra sleep. Getting to bed during the kapha cycle from 6pm - 10pm ensures a sound nights sleep, as after 10pm we tip over into Pitta, which means the mind becomes highly active again, making it difficult to get to sleep, or sleep deeply. The importance of sleep during this Pitta time can’t be over estimated. During Pitta time (10pm - 2am) the liver is cleansing the blood and the body is absorbing essential micro nutrients into the large intestine. If you love the inspiration you find during those late night hours, try switching to an early morning wake up.. during the Vata cycle (2am - 6am). Rising between 4am and 6am allows us time uninterrupted by emails and phone calls, and provides, lightness, coolness and clarity to the subtle mind and body. The special time known as ‘brahma muhurta’ is two periods before dawn, in the span during twilight. Wisdom beings throughout the ages have utilised this time to expand their knowledge, "as it symbolised light in all its meanings: illumination, wisdom, heat and buoyancy” - Dr Bhaswati Bhattacharya, Everyday Ayurveda. ✨ #WorldSleepDay is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving. 📷credit: 💛 @bhumi_organic_cotton ... 🙏 @tyegue for being such a sleeping beauty 😴 💕
| F R E S H L Y M A D E | many of you may not realise that our products are made to order. Many of our customers and retailers, don’t realise that we hand make all of products to order, and that is also a significant part of what makes them so effective. The fresher they are, the closer they are to nature, and the closer we stay to nature the healthier we are. I just dropped a new batch of Vata Body Oils, Pitta Cleansing Bars, Kapha Body Exfoliating Paste, Pitta Exfoliate \ Mask to @terramadreorganics .. be quick, as they sell out fast! 🌿💕
🐘 ///🍃 ABUNDANCE🍃\\\ 🐘 When the goddess Lakshmi appears in your world, you know good things are coming your way 😊.. I’ve found since connecting with Her my energy has dramatically increased along with my dedication to my spiritual, business & personal goals. You can connect with Laksmi and call abundance in whatever form it’s required into your life by facing her direction the NW and repeating her mantra “Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Maha Lakshmi Namaha” under your breath for an hour each day. It is said that Lakshmi is also the goddess of cleanliness, so you like to keep your surroundings in impeccable order, she helps out here as well. It’s recommended this practice be kept up for a minimum of two months 🌿🌹🌿
/EV E R Y D A Y AYURVEDA\ ✨Beauty + Wellness Workshop✨Sponsored by the iconicnurturing @SantosOrganics Store, located in Mullimbimby, NSW. If you’re free next weekend please come and join me in Mullumbimby, NSW (March 9th) for a nurturing 2 hour beauty & wellness workshop focusing on everyday Ayurvedic rituals, or ‘dinacharya' - dina means day, sun or flow, and charya means practice or conduct. Ayurveda has known for 1000's of years that the universe is within us & that we are a reflection of the universe and the 5 great elements that govern & animate all phenomena. And that it is through our connection with nature via the 5 senses and the 5 corresponding elements, that we nurture our connection with the natural rhythms of the earth and the day. Dinacharya rituals focus on the morning as being the most sacred time of the day. These precious prana rich morning hours offer us an opportunity to set the tone and create the foundation for the rest of our day. If there is one thing the sister sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga have taught me it’s that you must make time to nurture yourself each and everyday. And that whilst these rituals prepare us for meditation or yoga, they are also meditations on self-love. So if you’re looking for inspiration to create new morning rituals that effect deep and lasting change around how you connect in the world and to your Self; to improve & understand your energy levels and metabolism; or to deepen your understanding of Ayurveda and how to care for your skin. I would love to meet you and share this ancient science of longevity. Ayurveda is a living medical tradition that has been uninterrupted for 5000 years and it is just as relevant today, as it will be for future generations to come! To book or for more information, follow the Eventbrite link in the bio🌿 If your yoga studio would like to host a workshop please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at enquiries@rasasara.com✨