Rana Nader Yoga Jewelry
Yoga & Meditation Jewelry Made by a happy yogini in the US.. Hand Knotted Vegan thread No lead spacers No dyed beads
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Best coupon:15% off
Last updated:November 23, 2018

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Bear pose and the Chair pose to strengthen your hamstrings and calf muscles, but mostly they work on strengthening your brain muscle called “ I’m able”! Every time you’re doubting yourself, go back to your yoga poses and realize how your whole body is shaking and you’re about to give up and get out of the pose but you take a deep inhale and you sit a little bit lower! This is that muscle in your brain that I just mentioned, the stronger it gets, the more successful you’ll become! #yoga#exerciseforyourbrain#meditation#intention#yogafestival#yogajourney#yogaeverydamnday#mammoth#bear#adventure#nature
Happy father’s day to the best DAD’s in the world! Including my beautiful brother in heaven, my dad who is far away from me and my love @tony_zando who is far from him children! #happyfathersday
This post came in my Facebook memories today from 6 years ago, this was the beginning of my teacher training days and I had no idea, that is going to lead me towards this amazing journey and transformation in my life! And what I said is true yoga heals! You might start it as an exercise or to lose weight but it’ll heal your soul and bring out your true self! So many people may think because you’re a yogi you should take every comment and judgment and keep zen and quiet but its not true! As @yoga_girl says do no harm but take no $h*t! be yourself and don’t be afraid to express yourself!❤️#yoga#imayogagirl#yogini#yogawverydamnday#love
I’m so excited to be part of @mammothyogafestival this year! I’ll be teaching my “Malas and Mantras” class on Saturday at 1 pm, I also have a booth and I’ll be making custom pieces based on your intention, and of course some of my favorite teachers are going to be at this amazing festival so I’ll be practicing next to you 💜 If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet its not too late use promo code LAGUNA and get 15% off. This is going to be an awesome experience 💃💃💃 #rananadermalas #malasandmantras #yoga#meditation#inspiration#intention#jewelry#yogajewelry#madewithlove#namaste#108#healing#mammothmountain#mammothyogafestival#california