Pug Life Harness
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Pug Life Harness Reviews

Well made and so easy to get on and off

Thursday, April 18 2019

Lucy sporting her new Pug Life Harness! I’ve been looking at these for a while now that we have them I don’t know why I waited.

Well made and so easy to get on and off and in my favorite color! 💖Thank you Pug Life Harness!

Awesome harness for my fluffy babies.

Sunday, March 24 2019

Thank you Pug Life Harness for such awesome harness for my fluffy babies! They love it so much and they are way comfy than the last ones they used.

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Easy to put on and it seems to be comfortable on him

Friday, March 8 2019

My dog just got his new Pug Life Harness today. He seems to like it better than his thin harness.

It’s easy to put on and it seems to be comfortable on him. The Velcro strap works well, even with all of his Sheltie fur.

Found some stylish and colorful active wear

Thursday, March 7 2019

Finally we have found some stylish and colorful activewear with our new Pug Life Harness and they are even in our signature colours 😅

We love our new harnesses.

Unlike others, they are pawfect for walkies and human can even walk us all together without us doing a massive pull. They even give us a big comfort while we hang out in the sandpit waiting for the boys to do us a notice.

She feels really safe

Thursday, March 7 2019

We love our new harnesses! Thank you Pug Life Harness! They are great and we don’t pull our mom anymore.

She said she feels really safe and hopefully she won’t ever fall again! Please this will also get us more treats! 💙