Perfect Bar
The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar. Organic Non-GMO 20+ Superfoods. Perfect on the go for up to one week at room temp.

Perfect Bar Reviews

This bar has so many good ingredients

Tuesday, April 9 2019

One day I forgot my lunch in the fridge so I picked up a Perfect Bar because I read the label and couldn't see anything that turned me off. I am so picky so this is a big deal! I would rather not eat sometimes than put garbage in.

I had the Maple Almond flavor and the taste was awesome. This bar has so many good ingredients, there were only 2 ingredients I am not a total fan of and I won't call those out because I don't want to turn you off these bars because they really are good. I like that it is refrigerated and not full of preservatives.

I will give Perfect Bar a thumbs up for saving me and my empty stomach.

They taste like heaven

Sunday, April 7 2019

Perfect fuel and perfect tunes for my long run today. Perfect Bar has a great balance of fat, carbs and protein. And they taste like heaven!

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These are delicious, soft and literally melts in your mouth

Wednesday, April 3 2019

One thing I always have in my fridge is Perfect Bar. These protein bars are the best tasting bars I have ever tried, unlike hard, dry and tasteless ones I had in the past. These are delicious, soft and literally melts in your mouth!

Amazing taste, but not enough protein for a “protein bar”

Tuesday, March 26 2019

There’s not enough protein in here for the amount of calories that are in the bar. The flavor/texture was amazing though. The texture starts off as a crunch peanut butter and ends in a creamy texture that caresses the mouth like a little baby.

It was love at first bite

Tuesday, March 26 2019

I discovered these Perfect Bars and it was love at first bite. No but seriously, I have really become obsessed with them.

I eat one everyday as a snack and they are surprisingly filling and hold me over for a while. I also love that they are all organic and loaded with more than 20 super foods.

The perfect anytime snack

Friday, March 22 2019

I am so loving these Peanut Butter bites by Perfect Bar.

While I absolutely love their bars, they’re more of a meal replacement since they’re over 400 kcal’s. I usually cut the bars in half since I like to enjoy them as a snack as opposed to a meal.

These little guys on the other hand are only about 15 kcal per piece which makes them the perfect anytime snack!

They’re so good and taste like little bites of cookie dough

Friday, March 22 2019

Perfect Bar just launched their new bites in Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter flavors. They’re so good and taste like little bites of cookie dough.

They come in convenient little, resealable containers that make them easy to take with you on the go!

It feels grinded but very rich as well

Thursday, March 21 2019

Today I got to try this Perfect bar! There is a combination between the walnuts and the chunky chocolate brownies. The brownies are filled with dark chocolate and occasionally contains chocolate chips. There are some faint tart taste from the dates.

On the walnut side, there are chunky creamy peanut butter with small cut walnuts. It feels grinded but very rich as well. Together, this bar is uneven but produces a great array of taste.

Plus, it's gluten free and nongmo and organic!

I looove the chocolate chips on top

Sunday, March 17 2019

Perfect Bar Dark Chocolate Almond Bar is a chocolate almond butter-based bar which tasted pretty good, just not great to me. I much prefer the peanut butter base taste. But, I looove the chocolate chips on top - gives that extra chocolate taste!

This flavor wouldn’t be my first Perfect Bar's flavor choice, but also not my last. So, it gets a 7/10 👍🏻

Quick, perfect snack from Perfect Bar

Friday, March 15 2019

Quick, perfect snack from Perfect Bar. Personally one of my favorite flavors besides the peanut butter and the dark chocolate chip one!

If you’ve never tried any of them, take my advice and change your life for the better!

The perfect bite-sized snack made from whole food ingredients

Wednesday, March 13 2019

As predicted, I couldn’t be more obsessed with the new bites from Perfect Bar. They certainly live up to their name, the perfect bite-sized snack made from whole food ingredients. I keep a container at home and in my office fridge for easy access!

Quite possibly the best protein bar I’ve ever had

Wednesday, March 13 2019

Tried the Perfect Bar for the first time today and all I can say is WOW. Quite possibly the best protein bar I’ve ever had. The taste and texture remind me so much of cookie dough and it’s completely organic! I can’t wait to try their other flavors.