Your favorite moments printed and delivered. Stick em to the wall - no nails required.

Mixtiles Reviews

They are the perfect size and stick to the wall in seconds

Saturday, April 6 2019

Loving our Mixtiles! What a fun way to share our favorite photos in our new home. They are the perfect size and stick to the wall in seconds and come off just as fast, you can move them anywhere!

It took me two minutes to hang them up

Tuesday, March 26 2019

I just hung up some of our wedding pics tonight! I used Mixtiles app, it's super easy - you choose your photos and they send them to you, but best part is they stick onto your wall! It took me two minutes to hang them up! They are removable and reusable. I really wish I heard about them sooner. I am obsessed!

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Seriously in love with the Mixtiles

Tuesday, March 26 2019

Seriously in love with the Mixtiles! I love being able to reposition them a ton without putting holes or peeling paint off of our wall.

I can’t wait till our second order comes in so I can complete the whole decor I envisioned!

So happy with my Mixtiles

Friday, March 22 2019

I am so excited about my new gallery wall! I used Mixtiles and it was so freaking easy. I did all of this in just about 45 minutes with a toddler and crawler climbing all over me, and it looks so fantastic.

I love that it really captures our family and loved ones in some of our favorite moments. Also, it will be super easy to update as our family grows and makes more memories! So happy with my Mixtiles!

Have you heard of Mixtiles?

Sunday, September 16 2018

I simply chose some photos I love and the app does the rest. I’ll be building these two walls as our family photo album that I can enjoy every day. I decided to go black and white because it fits in with our decor.

I put this up myself

Saturday, September 15 2018

Wanted to share how cool this gallery wall is by Mixtiles! It was so easy to order and they ship free to your door.

There are a few options to choose from as far style and color but the size is 8x8.

And can you believe I put this up myself. They stick on the walls and are so easy to move or adjust without damaging the walls.

The girls’ play area just got a whole lot more colorful

Friday, September 14 2018

Thanks to our new Mixtiles! Mixtiles allows you to turn the photos on your phone into instant works of art right from the app!

These 8x8 tiles stick right onto the wall and can be popped off and stuck again for endless decorating possibilities.

Highly recommended

Wednesday, September 12 2018

The tiles can be re-stuck anytime anywhere without making a mark on the wall. HOW COOL? The app allows you to choose photos to print right from your phone and they will ship hem free.

All the tiles are 8x8 and are very lightweight, so don't worry if they will drop (my mom did worry about that lol).

Misa was helping me stick them on and she is obsessed with them. It's so cute seeing her pointing on each tile and asking "who? who?". By looking at her first impression seeing them, I know she remembers those memories at the pools/beach in Vietnam.

If you're re-decorating your house, I highly recommend getting some.

Love them

Tuesday, September 11 2018

Mixtiles kept showing up on my feed so I gave it a try... I am so happy with these! Picked some of my favourite recent family photos and they sent me li'l canvases of them to stick on my wall.

My updated gallery wall

Tuesday, July 31 2018

I used Mixtiles app to pick out the photos I wanted and they arrived in less than a week. The photos are super easy to put on as they just stick to the wall! No hammers needed hallelujah!