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Mapiful Reviews

Loving my room decor

Tuesday, September 25 2018

Loving my room decor and especially my CLE map from Mapiful 🌈🌎🌻

You can design your very own map in several different templates of ANY place you want!! So of course I did my home town and fav city which I am missing a little extra today 🙌🏼

It’s even more gorgeous in person 😍

Monday, September 24 2018

Finally got my map from Mapiful and it’s even more gorgeous in person 😍

It took me a while to decide what location I wanted a map of- I knew I wanted a map of my home, but after a lot of thought I decided I always feel most at home in a book! so I made a map of a fictional location instead. Well, kind of fictional....a fictional version of London at least 😂 .

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I really liked the different design options

Monday, September 24 2018

At first I thought it only worked with big cities so I was surprised to see the maps appearing when I wrote the name of the tiny village of Andalusia where my mother grew up, and the village of Ardèche where my ancestors came from on my father's side.

After a little hesitation I finally chose Marseille, a city so dear to my heart. Living on the other side of the Atlantic, this map reminds me of my roots. I can also imagine where my parents, sister, dogs and friends are on the map 🙈

I really liked the different design options in terms of color and layout. I chose the "Pantone" model which changes a little compared to the standard model!

You can choose any place in the world

Monday, September 24 2018

Home... that word can resonate differently to all of us, and no doubt on a map, can look very different. What we love about our Mapiful map is that you can choose any place in the world and zoom as far in or as far out as you would like.

We chose to zoom in on our “home”... where we both grew up, where we live now, and where we will soon live.

So many possibilities!

Monday, September 24 2018

Mapiful can make you a map of anywhere in the world....they have several sizes and colors/styles to choose from. I chose the 18 X 24 size in the Modern style.

If you swipe for a closer view, you'll see that I was also able to customize what I wanted it to say.

These would also make a great gift, especially with the holidays coming. So many possibilities!

Such an inspiring concept and unique

Sunday, September 23 2018

Mapiful is such an inspiring concept and unique. Indeed, you are able to choose all cities you want in the world (even the smallest ahah).

I love my Palm Springs Mapiful print

Saturday, September 22 2018

Well, one way to never forget your wedding anniversary is by creating a Mapiful print that represents the big day!⁣

In all seriousness, I love my Palm Springs Mapiful print. I was very close with my Grandpa, who lived there and spent my spring breaks as a kid visiting him year after year. He would take me shopping and parade me around to his circle of friends.⁣

When my husband and I started dating, we would spend weekends out in the desert. It became a special place of ours and fitting for our wedding location when it came time. Palm Springs to me is a mini vacation from home, a place where I’ve built childhood memories, and of course a mecca for all things mid century!⁣

I’m so excited to finally have framed my Mapiful print and now have created a lasting memory with it in my home!⁣

I’m sooooooo happy with how this print turned out

Saturday, September 22 2018

I love being reminded of all the places we’ve been. ✈️ A few years back (in a world without Mau), we spent a winter in the UK/Europe. We traveled for the first half, and spent the second half in Glasgow (where Carl was working).

We visited so many amazing places (Paris, Zurich, Florence, Rome, London, Iceland), but there’s something special about being in one place long enough to really become familiar. I’m sooooooo happy with how this print turned out, and all the *feels* it brings. 💕

I LOVE it so much!

Thursday, September 20 2018

I finally got my Mapiful map hung and I LOVE it so much!! 😍

I live in Colorado now but I will always have a place in my heart for California especially Santa Barbara .

I have so many firsts in that beautiful beach town... fell in love, got married, bought our first home, got a puppy (hi nacho) and had a baby 😍 I love CO but Santa Barbara is truly a gem and so happy I have a little piece to remind me of all the beautiful memories!

Thank you so much Mapiful

Thursday, September 20 2018

I chose Charleston, SC because it’s my favorite city in the world. I was born in Charleston and raised in the suburbs of this amazing city. I hold it very dear to my heart. Stay tuned for my blog post on Friday all about it. I’m so in love with this new piece of art in my office. Thank you so much Mapiful 😍 I love reminiscing about my home city.