MakeUp Eraser
Original reuseable makeup remover system. Removes 100% of makeup with JUST WATER. Lasts 3-5 years.

MakeUp Eraser Reviews

It worked beautifully

Thursday, April 4 2019

You all, I am amazed!

I tried the “free sample” ad on instagram that never works, and it worked! 💖

Thank you Make Up Eraser for this lovely pouch! It worked beautifully

It definitely works

Monday, March 18 2019

I got my free sample of MakeUp Eraser and it definitely works! One swipe took off an entire lid and most of a brow.

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These are amazing and worth every penny

Tuesday, March 12 2019

See this dirty little square it may just look like well a dirty piece of fabric but this is actually my MakeUp Eraser sample this little guy doesn’t disappoint at all.

I will be buying one of these because they pay for themselves. Just soaking it in warm water this took off my liquid lipstick and my Revlon colorstay 😲

I mean this stuff is no joke these are amazing and worth every penny. Thank you MakeUp Eraser.

It’s also antibacterial

Friday, March 8 2019

One MakeUp Eraser is the equivalent to 3,600 makeup wipes! That’s a lot of trash!

Just throw your MakeUp Eraser in the wash with your towels or clothes 1 to 2 times a week and bam!

It’s also antibacterial so no need to wash it every day!

Removed all my eye make up that even makeup remover wipes couldn't

Wednesday, March 6 2019

Was super excited to receive this sample in the mail today! It actually works. Removed all my eye make up that even makeup remover wipes couldn't remove with only water!

Definitely, want to order the full-sized cloth in one of the cute designs! Thank you MakeUp Eraser.

This works perfect for me

Tuesday, March 5 2019

I have a MakeUp Eraser and I recommend them to everyone! You just run it under the water, wipe your makeup off, then after a few days you wash it just like you do with your clothes and use it again and again.

My skin is so sensitive that I can’t use makeup wipes so this works perfect for me. Also, unlike a makeup wipe from the store, you don’t have to rub your eyes raw to get your mascara off. Everyone needs one of these!