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KKW Beauty Reviews

Over-all I really like her formulas

Wednesday, March 28 2018

First impression-beautiful packaging 💖

Concealer is very smooth, creamy and buildable.

Baking powder - Super fine, soft💖 probably my fav product of this new product launch

Brightening powder is very fine and goes on very smooth with a hint of sparkle (very settle ✨) not sure if it made a huge difference for me since the baking powder makes the skin look so good already.

Over-all I really like her formulas. Her powder contouring kit is still my go to💖 so looking forward to trying out a few other shades of the concealer and other tones in the bake powder.

Very low quantity of product and kinda cheap packaging

Thursday, August 10 2017

I, of course, had to get this contour kit, but let me tell you guys my thought about it. Not as creamy as supposed to be, very low quantity of product and kinda cheap packaging.

To end on a positive note: I really like the simplicity of the packaging and the color of it + the fact that everything is small and compact. I love using the contouring stick around my eyes.

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