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Kettlebell Kitchen Reviews

The price seemed a bit high, but nice.

Saturday, March 2 2019

I gave Kettlebell Kitchen a try yesterday. The food was nice and arrived quickly.

Saturday, March 2 2019

We tried the Kettlebell Kitchen in Manchester this morning love that they work out all the macros and calories for you. This breakfast buffin was 309 calories and was delicious .

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Thursday, February 28 2019

Unreal lunch from Kettlebell Kithen 😍. All the nutritional values are in the menu so I could work out the points!

Oat chicken strippers: 3SP

Chicken kebab: 12SP (seems high for what it was πŸ€”) never mind, counted anyways!

Deffo my new fave place can’t wait to go back!

Making my life a little bit easier

Thursday, September 20 2018

Meal prepping is great unfortunately we all don't have the time. We all lead busy lives and that's when companies like Kettlebell Kitchen for making my life a little bit easier!

Kettle bell kitchen makes sure every bite is packed with protein

Monday, September 17 2018

Kettle bell kitchen makes sure every bite is packed with protein to keep your gains in check.

Kettlebell Kitchen came through huge with this tasty dish

Thursday, September 13 2018

Kettlebell Kitchen came through huge with this tasty dish. Pulled Pork with Collards, Almonds and paleo Hush Puppies.

Loved this lunch

Thursday, September 6 2018

Loved this lunch! And it’s only 5 minutes from work. Can’t wait to go back and try more 🀀.

I love having as super easy and healthy lunches

Thursday, September 6 2018

Who knew eggs would go so well with pulled pork, purple potatoes, walnuts and cauliflower grits!! Go and check out all the awesome breakfast options that I love having as super easy and healthy lunches at work!πŸ˜„

Super good

Wednesday, September 5 2018

First kettlebell kitchen meal! Super good... can’t wait to try more ✌🏼

Pleased with the food

Wednesday, September 5 2018

We've recently checked out Kettlebell Kitchen and have been pleased with the food!

Meal delivery is definitely an indulgence, but if you can work it into your budget, it can offer a shortcut to maintaining a healthy lifestyle when your schedule is extra-busy.

Easy breezy healthy lunch

Tuesday, September 4 2018

Kettlebell Kitchen offers meal plans for many needs and any food limitations you may have! Meals are delivered right to the studio, ready for you to sweat it out and grab on your way to work- easy breezy healthy lunch!

My new favorite thing is Kettlebell Kitchen

Monday, September 3 2018

My new favorite thing is Kettlebell Kitchen. Delicious healthy meals that are ready to go. Taste great. And are incredibly good for you. This is their Keto Cuban Roast Pork. 560 calories, 32g protein, 44g fat, 9g carbs.

Simple yet effective

Wednesday, July 25 2018

Simple yet effective, today’s breakfast is a combination of egg whites and beef, with spinach for good measure. High in protein, low in carbs and a moderate amount of fat - hits the spot!