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Great “build your own salad” options

Thursday, February 28 2019

Another day, another take-out lunch. When you’re swamped with work, the gym, and trying to get your beauty sleep it’s tough to meal prep everyday! I decided to grab Just Salad because it was the healthiest option around me!

They have great “build your own salad” options so I decided to feast on kale, beets, chickpeas, raw brussels sprouts, and roasted sweet potatoes! 🍠🥬🥗🥙

Be careful not to waste your calories on dressing! I chose Olive Oil & half a lemon! Great low-calorie dressing for any healthy salad! And a small piece of bread because post workout! 🏋🏻‍♀️

It gives you all the nutritional information

Thursday, February 28 2019

Today was crazy work day but I was able to make a great choice with a customized salad from Just Salad with chicken, beans and corn, onion and cucumber with a delicious spicy avocado dressing. I love when you order online it gives you all the nutritional information so you can just place the in your calculator!

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Not good 👎🏿

Friday, February 22 2019

Got the Tokyo Supergreens from Just Salad today and wow...NOT GOOD. The salad was so weirdly salty and this particular chain ran out of so many necessary ingredients. This is the third time in a row I’ve had either poor service or shoddy food at JS, so going forward, I’m sticking to my tried & true Friday “cheat meal” lunch spot: Chipotle 🌯 🥗.