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JD Seasonings Reviews

The NICEST burger ever

Monday, September 17 2018

The NICEST burger ever thanks to JD Seasonings. Yet again. First time trying the burger blend and I do love other slimming world burger recipes but this is the nicest one yet.

So delicious

Monday, September 17 2018

By far my most favourite dish from the JD Seasonings range 😋

Cajun Beef Goulash is so delicious you can't help but go back for seconds 😋 but as I'm trying to be extra good, I've added a third speed free broccoli to my dish even though this one is packed full of speedy veggies.

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The whole JD seasonings range is completely SYN FREE

Monday, September 17 2018

The whole JD seasonings range is completely SYN FREE and honestly make my life on slimming world so much easier all my meals taste a million times better 😍.

They are easy to use , easy to store , they are quite simply little pots of syn free heaven.

Was quite tasty although not that spicy

Monday, September 17 2018

Dinner tonight was the hot curry JD Seasonings spice kit, added all the ingredients stated on the packet (chicken, onion, stock, chopped toms etc) and then added spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and peas to it as well. Was quite tasty although not that spicy, would have it again though.


Monday, September 17 2018

Chicken curry for tea tonight with half chips half rice, the curry was made using JD Seasonings mild curry seasoning & the chips obviously had chips & wedges seasoning coated on them... Beauuuutiful.

So delicious!

Monday, September 17 2018

Fancied some comfort food this lunchtime but wanted to stay on plan 100% so what better way than to have a generous portion of Salt & Pepper Chips following JD Seasonings recipe and using their seasoning pack.

It was so delicious! You just have to try it to believe it. Better than any Chinese takeaway and 100% synfree!

Speedy and syn free

Sunday, September 16 2018

Bored of roast dinners so JD Seasonings chicken fajitas it is. Added some cayenne and chilli flakes for extra spice and to make them speedy and syn free I’ll be having gem lettuce leaves instead of wraps

Yummy syn free home comfort

Sunday, September 16 2018

I’ve been looking forward to this all day! Slow cooked beef stew made with JD Seasonings (sausage casserole flavour). Stew has got peas, carrots, peppers and onions. Served with mash potato broccoli and sweet corn. Yummy syn free home comforts meal!

Very yummy

Sunday, September 16 2018

Chicken fajita pasta made with JD seasonings fajita mix. Not a very pretty picture but very yummy.

Can’t recommend these spices enough

Sunday, September 16 2018

Now the weather is getting colder, I’ve been loving having chips, proper comfort food! Chips & wedges spice used on the chips and chicken rub spice on the chicken, all by JD Seasonings. Can’t recommend these spices enough they are so nice!