Calculating your engagement rate
{[{user.total_posts_count | number}]} posts {[{user.followers_count | number}]} followers {[{user.follows_count | number}]} following
{[{user.engagement_rate * 100 | number : 1}]}% engagement {[{user.like_rate * 100 | number : 1}]}% like rate {[{user.comment_rate * 100 | number : 1}]}% comment rate

Recent post engagement

{[{post.engagement_rate * 100 | number : 0}]}%
{[{post.timestamp | date}]}
{[{post.engagement_count}]} engagements {[{post.like_count}]} likes {[{post.comment_count}]} comments
{[{post.engagement_rate * 100 | number : 1}]}% engagement rate {[{post.like_rate * 100 | number : 1}]}% like rate {[{post.comment_rate * 100 | number : 1}]}% comment rate
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What is an Instagram Engagement Rate?

Instagram Engagement Rate is a measurement of how many of an account’s followers have interacted, or “engaged” with that account’s posts. Engagements include interactions with a post that can be measures, such as a follower liking or commenting on a post.

Why is Engagement Rate important?

Engagement rate can be used as both a measure of quality of the quality of a relationship between an account and their followers, and how well individual posts are received by a user’s audience.

How is Engagement Rate calculated?

Engagement rate is calculated by dividing the number of interactions a user’s post or posts receives by the number of followers that user has. If a user has 2,000 followers, and one of their posts received 200 total likes and comments, that post had a 10% engagement rate.

Post Engagement Rate

Post engagement rate can be used to measure the performance of an individual post, compared to other posts by the same user. We can use post engagement rate to answer questions like “How well did my last post resonate with my audience, compared to previous posts?”.

Account Engagement Rate

Account engagement rate is the average of the individual post engagement rates for posts in a user’s account, and can be used to measure the quality of an account’s relationship with their followers, and compare one account to another.

Account engagement rate can be used to answer questions like, “How does the quality of my account’s relationship with my followers compare to other related accounts?” and “How has my level of engagement with my followers changed over time?”.