Hyde & Hound
Hyde & Hound combines the classic look of leather with the style and individuality of fabric.
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This is what my perfect day would look like. What about yours? Let us know down below 👇👇👇!
Here is a look at the tongue buckle collar in leather, also a glimpse at one of the plaids that will be coming out this fall! #nationalleathercraftday
Just a glimpse at what I have been working on. I love the look of tongue buckle collars, but if your dogs are like mine, they are always in between hole sizes. That’s why I decided to make the, adjustable! It’s literally the best of both worlds. ⁣ Did I mention that the tongue buckle style will also be available for both the Hyde & the Hound collars? ⁣⁣ ⁣We also will be adding 3 new colors of BioThane to the shop! Keep an eye out for more new looks!
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